Thursday, September 19, 2013

Updated iOs 7.0 done!

My iPad2 finished the update for the iOs 7.0 this morning before i left work. My son updated his iPhone5    
in synch with the time in the US. He left the WiFi on the whole night until the update was done on his iP5. 
Now it's time to check and get used to  the new updates. First I can't find my usual button i always use to adjust the screen light. I normally double click the home button and swipe it rightside and the button adjustment will appear now it's gone. Plus the background photo zoomed in and it won't fit the whole screen.
Lastly, for now i need to convert the color background. It's all white... lol.

I can see all post in social media would be about this iOs7 update, will update the iPad3 later when I get home. 

Did you update yours already? How are you loving it so far?

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