Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Got Shoes from Dexflex by Dexter

My new pair of shoes! We bought a pair last Sunday at Payless and I love it! 
After scouting shoe stores at Harbor Point I finally decided to get this inch heeled gold strappy shoes with zipper at the back.

Zipper back Dexflex 

Size 8 rubber sole which I like the most because of the non-slip sole material.

It was originally priced at P1,250 but got it on sale at P875.00. I am not so picky about shoes... I love shoes that are comfy and yet stylish. I will be using this on Saturday for the Human Heart Nature Olongapo Anniversary.
Did you buy anything for yourself last weekend? 

Ohhh... I wore this shoes for today it's wash day at work so I decided to strut this baby :> 
My typical black pants matching my gold strappy shoes and gold Esprit watch.

TGIF! :)


  1. I'm loving the comfort in these shoes. Very stylish as well. I'd wear them to a wedding.

  2. I remember i have a pair of Dexflex which i got from Payless. I like the style of the shoes plus the comfort it gives.

  3. Those look like some beautiful sandals there. I have a friend who would probably love them. Not sure my daughter would appreciate them just yet. She's very simple when it comes to the sandals she likes.

  4. These are really pretty shoes, I don't care how old we get, we all love shiny shoes! I am going on a beach holiday in a few weeks and I have bought some beautiful shiny sandals - Vicky

  5. That's mighty nice! I like gold or brown with gold accents for my footwear. :D

  6. those shoes look amazing and beautiful! i would love to buy them! they look absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Those look cute on you. I'm not much of a sandal person, but my daughter loves them!