Monday, April 8, 2024

The Life Viewpoint of Generation X

1. Maintaining your health is important since it shows wealth.  
Your health is your armor in life's battles.
2. Go certain paths by yourself since your objectives are unique. 

3. Put your fear to rest and channel your energy toward growth, learning, and believe.

4. Have no expectations of anyone else and don't rely on them to make you happy. 

5. Life wont last forever, do things that makes you happy. 

6. Never attempt to outwit someone. Change the way you treat them.
7. Manage your feelings and avoid overreacting. 

8. Break free from the advice of society; a lot of it might not be helpful. 

9. Tighten your relationship with friends, and choose. 

10. Develop self-control and consistency. 

11. The family you build is more significant than the family you are born into. 

12. Do not impress people and go broke (financially). 


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  1. These are some important lessons. I am working on doing some of these better.

  2. Love this. I especially like number twelve. Nobody should ever have to impress anyone.

  3. All great thoughts! It is an interesting time and for Gen X, it is a lot different from when we grew up. Always good to make sure you live within your means.

  4. It's always helpful to hear perspectives that encourage personal growth and happiness.

  5. You know... a lot of these pointers would be really great for keeping your own peace in tact. I think other generations can benefit from taking on some of these views.

  6. Such great reminders! Yes, do what makes you happy and prioritize yourself and your health. -LYNNDEE

  7. Thank you for reminding us to do things that make us happy. We have been so busy with our everyday routine and responsibilities that I just feel we aren't living anymore.

  8. I love everything you've written here especially number 1. Health is my priority this year.

  9. Loving these simply put ideas on living your life and I am with you on health.... health is everything so taking care of your body is a must!