Monday, April 1, 2024

1st of April 2024


1st of April
credits to #borispavlikovsky

We are already in the second quarter of 2024—how quickly time passes. How did the first quarter go for you? 

Things went according to what I had in mind for me. While some of my goals were achieved and some weren't, I'm still grateful for the experiences I had and for this blog post’s writing. Simply making it to this day is truly a blessing. 

As I approach Day 188 of my fitness journey, I am pleased with my progress and am gradually accomplishing my goals. I can hold on to food for hours, always hydrated, I can move quickly and doesn't feel tired, unlike before. I always look forward for the next day to do my exercise routine, whether at home or outside. I have learn to listen to my body's need for the day. Not forcing myself to do exercises that body is not comfortable doing.

Discipline, motivation and patience- the keys to reaching your goals. 

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