Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Good Place to have Dim sum

I came across a post on Facebook about a recently opened dim sum establishment called the Good Place-Bonjour, Total 14th, located in Subic Bay. 
So, last Friday, Jan 5th, we visited and tried their food, our first foodie date for 2024! 

The gas station's convenience store houses the dim sum restaurant, which is currently having a soft opening. 
Although there aren't many seats inside, there are plenty of tables and chairs outside. 
Check out the menu below the post and have your quick dim sum cravings fixed. 

We are that excited to try most of the food in their menu and to a point that we ordered too much haha!, but, we were not disappointed! 

First is this plate of what they call the Special Birthday Pancit Canton. This plate can serve 4 people for Php331. The pancit was steaming hot when served, a little salty for my taste but when added with kalamansi it was perfect! It's a saucy pancit canton which we liked. 

2pcs of Taiwanese Pan- Fried Siopao for Php99. Ang sarap din, slightly toasted, soft bun and delicious siopao filling. 

They all have two rice meals; the Crispy Fried Good Pork and Crispy Fried Good Chicken
both for Php151 each. 

The serving size was just right, it can fill-up your hungry tummy! 
Make your own "sawsawan" or dippings like the chili-mansi and soy sauce, perfect! 

One of our favorite from the set of food we ordered was this steaming hot, pork and shrimp siomai, 
10 pcs for Php191. We love the taste, paired with the fried rice and the chili mansi dipping, yum! We will surely order this again. 
Also, we got the Pork Xiao Long Bao, and the Molten Chocolate Xiao Long Bao for dessert. 
Our total bill was around Php1,300 and we enjoyed the food. 

We will surely be back to try their other food in the menu. 
It is really a Good Place to have dim sum! 

(Lot beside Masonic Temple near Iglesia ni Cristo near 14th st. Gate), Olongapo, Philippines.


  1. All of the food looks incredible! I would love to stop in here for dinner one day.

  2. What a delightful foodie adventure at Good Place-Bonjour! Discovering a dim sum spot during a soft opening is like finding a culinary treasure.

  3. What a delightful foodie adventure at Good Place-Bonjour! Discovering a dim sum spot during a soft opening is like finding a culinary treasure.

  4. The Siopao looks so tasty and remind me of steam buns! I think I'd love to try the Special Birthday Pancit, too.

  5. so glad that you had a great time there and enjoyed the food too

  6. Hi there! 🥢 Saw your post about Good Place-Bonjour in Subic Bay! 😊 The dim sum spot looks amazing, and your pics made my mouth water. 🤤 Thanks for sharing your experience - now I'm super excited to give it a try. Your post really helped me discover a new place to enjoy some delicious dim sum! 🥟🍵 #YumminessDiscovered

  7. That sounds like a great place to visit sometime and all of those dishes are looking absolutely delicious!

  8. Wow! This is really affordable and the food looks good. I would love to try their hakaw and the taiwanese fried siopao. Will surely visit this such we have a chance to go to Subic.