Thursday, October 5, 2023

DIY Dishwashing Liquid Lemon Scent

Dishwashing liquid (or sabon pang-hugas ng plato, pinggan, kaldero, at iba pa in Filipino) is a dishwashing detergent that is also known as dish soap, dish detergent, and dish soap. It is typically a strongly foamy blend of surfactants with little skin irritation, and it is mostly used in a sink or bowl for hand washing glasses, plates, cutlery, and kitchen utensils. Dishwashing liquid can also be use as washing small piece of clothing, temporary removal of stains, to make bubbles and a lot more of possible uses aside from its main purpose. 

Dishwashing soap has become a cleaning essential item in our kitchen. You can't do anything in the kitchen without dishwashing soap, such as making food with pots, pans, and casseroles, and cleaning up after every meal. 

I usually budget P250 per month for dishwashing liquid when I go food shopping. And, because we've been on a limited budget lately, I decided to experiment with making my own dishwashing liquid. 

A DIY dishwashing liquid kit is available in all online stores, and it includes printed instructions on how to combine all of the liquids and powders to make a pail of clean water. 

Here's my first attempt, and yep, it's as simple as 1,2,3! 

How to mix:
1. In a pail add 14-15 liters of clean water.
2. Add the surfactant soultion, stir after 30 minutes until it dissolved.
3. Add the foam booster.
4. Add the solutions; degreaser, lemon scent, additives, and yellow color, mix everything well. 
5. Slowly pour the thickener powder, make sure that it is dissolved.
6. Mix and cover the pail. 
7. Cure the solution for 24hours before use. 
8. Transfer the liquid solution to containers and store for use. 

This batch is for household use only, but I can recommend this for a start up business or a gift to family and friends!

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