Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Top 7 Bohemian Dress Trends

 Embrace the Style Revolution

Boho fashion may have had its heyday in the 60s but it's never fully disappeared since then. It had a big revival in the 2000s when bohemian style was sported by several major models and celebrities, and it's been holding steady as a fashion undercurrent for decades. Boho culture has been considered an alternative fashion aesthetic since its inception, but this year, we can expect to see a mainstream rise in subtle boho trends, particularly in dresses. 

Dresses are an easy and fun item to wear in warm weather, and a boho twist adds a carefree vibe particularly fitting for the summer. Whether you're gearing up for a music festival or simply looking for everyday inspiration, here are 7 bohemian dress trends you won't want to miss out on this summer!

1) Bell Sleeves

Bell Sleeves

Dresses that combine a few subtle boho elements without being too over the top "costumey" are perfect for 2023's updated iteration of the boho trend. Dramatic bell sleeves that flare out around the wrist for full length versions and around the elbow for half-length ones are a hot trend to watch out for this season. 

You can find this added to skater dresses, tiered maxi dresses or even boho inspired wedding dresses. Try looking for a natural fabric such as linen or cotton for bonus boho points and don't forget to pair it with your favorite sandals or cowgirl boots.

2) Ruffles


Carefree and effortlessly feminine dresses are reminiscent of the 2000s resurgent era of bohemian style more so than the original 60s one. Slightly disheveled looking dresses with a laidback appearance are very rock n roll bohemian. Ruffles are one excellent way to add an extra element of drama and maximalism to achieve this look. Try pairing a ruffled dress with a pair of knee high boots for a fashion-forward look at your next summer concert.

3) Colorful Boho Prints

Colorful Boho Prints

Earthy color palettes are right on the money for 2023's boho trend, and if you can find dresses with ornate boho prints in earthy colors, that'll be even more stylish. Lightweight gauze-like fabrics, ruffles, layers and unique sleeve details are all additional elements to look out for if you want to increase the boho amplitude. Don't forget to add in some accessories like a wide brim felt hat and ankle boots to complete your look.

4) Eyelet Embroidery

Eyelet Embroidery

Dresses with eyelet embroidery have a certain boho vibe while still being completely modern and trendy for 2023. Pairing it with other details like tiered layers, puffed sleeves (or bell sleeves), and smocking can help create an overall feminine and carefree boho look. It errs more on the side of sweet than rock n roll, so boho dresses like this are perfect for beach days and picnics.

5) Fringe Fashion

Fringe Fashion

Fringe is one of the staples of boho fashion, and it's back with a vengeance this year. While fringe is hard to style for everyday outfits, it's a show stopping detail to wear at outdoor music festivals. Opting for a suede or leather fabric is the best way to maximize boho appeal, and feel free to add a belt for waist emphasis and added boho appeal.

6) Maxi Dresses in Earthy Colors

Maxi Dresses in Earthy Colors

Regardless of the silhouette or fabric, any maxi dress in an earthy toned down color palette has an undeniably boho look to it. You can mix and match modern cuts with classic 70s bohemian colors to create a refreshing new take on the boho trend. This style of dress would look gorgeous with a felt hat or some cowgirl boots to take it to new fashion heights. 

7) Tassels


Bohemian style is all about fun adornments, and tassels are a perfect example of this. Tassels are synonymous with bohemian decor, but they also make a stylish addition to dresses. Even a simple shift shape with tassels along the hem have a trendy boho influence well suited to a modern-day reinterpretation of the nostalgic style. Try wearing this style of dress with beachy sandals and a straw tote for an easy warm weather outfit.

Whatever boho trend you try, don't be shy to blend them with your own personal style influences. The best way to wear the boho trend in 2023 is to do it in an original way by mixing old trends with new ones.

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