Sunday, April 16, 2023

Mga Optical Shops sa Carriedo, Manila!


A few weeks ago we travel to Carriedo, Manila to get a new pair of eyeglasses! 

We rode the Victory Liner bus from Olongapo City to the Monumento LRT station, which took us less than three hours. We bought a Php20 rail ticket from the Monumento LRT station. We arrived at Carriedo station after passing through a few stations. Down the station, we walked across the streets looking for eyewear shops, which were plentiful. We eventually ended up at this one optical shop, where they provided us some promo and sale eyeglasses frames, and while we were looking at the display, a passerby walked in to inquire about spectacles as well. 

From then on, I had the impression that they were attempting to rush us into selecting the frames they were offering. The optometrist who performed the initial eye exam in the Optometer stated, "it is not accurate, it is not accurate"... I informed her that I was aware! She wanted us to go inside the check-up room so she could test the remainder of their inquiries, which would be an instant sale for them. 

I knew by the time I answered her that we wouldn't be getting the service we require there because they were plainly in a hurry! We immediately departed and went in search of other optical stores

We eventually found this optical store with no customers after some searching, where we received the necessary examinations and testing. In comparison to optical stores in the mall or in private optical shops in the city, the costs of the eyeglasses were cheap beyond our budget and we had them in less than an hour.

For approximately Php1,500 each, we were able to get computer anti-radiation protection lenses in addition to our reading and astigmatism lenses. We will return to have our vision evaluated again in six to twelve months. 

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