Saturday, April 29, 2023

Dare to Dazzle by Dazzle Me


Hey there, let me share with you the package I received from Dazzle Me, Dare to Dazzle! 

I love how vibrant and vivid the packaging is; also, they put a personalized greeting inside the bag, which is really thoughtful! 

My daughter shared my excitement and came to help me open the package. We both tried the products they sent.

Dazzle Me Attack on Sun is a hybrid sunscreen formulation and has SPF 50 PA+++. It feels non-greasy and is simple to apply. When we applied it, it also had a faint hint of a summer scent, also it provided a radiant finish. 

The product claims to provide 16x protection, last up to 12.5 hours, and provide UVA/UVB protection. 

It contains Vitamin E, Chamomile, and Myrothamnus extract, which accounts for the light smell when applied. 

Claims: Hyper Hydrating 24H Moisturizing High Pigmented Lip cream 

We have been using this lip cream and we love how it leaves a gloss-to-stain finish. It dries up quickly, with a pigmented shade. Also lips feels soft with no sticky-feel. 
It has been our go-to lip gloss cream since we received the package. 

Also in the package is this Dazzle Me Misty Matte Lip Cream which claims to have a long lasting, non-sticky and high-pigmented lip cream. 

True to its claim, too! With the hot summer heat we are now enjoying, this type of lip cream would definitely be put to the test. It is simple to use and non-sticky. 

We'd like to try the other hues of this lip cream as we enjoyed and love it! 

They also included two tubes of DAZZLE ME 24/7 Wonderful Lip Serum it's a waterproof lip, balm, lip serum that nourish and moisturize lips. 

I used a small layer of this before lipstick and at night before going to bed. Only a thin layer is needed to nourish the lips overnight. 

What I enjoy about Dazzle Me products is that they are suitable not only for young ones but also for moms like myself. Thank you so much, Dazzle Me! 

Dazzle Me can be found on Facebook and Instagram, as well as in their online stores. 


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