Friday, March 3, 2023

Easy Recipes: Sizzling Pork Sisig and Tokwa't Baboy


Pork sisig is a Filipino dish made from pork jowls and ears (maskara), pork belly, chicken liver, and occasionally boiled pig brain. It is typically spiced with kalamansi (local lemon) or lime, onions, and chili peppers. It is from the Pampanga region of Luzon. 

The dish "sisig" varies from place to place, both locally and internationally. This dish can be transformed and concocted to suit the tastes of those who prepare it.

I used scrap pieces from the tokwa't baboy dish I made earlier for this recipe. 
The only difference between tokwa't baboy and sizzling pork sisig is that sisig is prepared in a hot plate or a plate specifically designed for this dish called a sizzling plate.

Tokwa't baboy (Tagalog for "tofu and pork") is a popular appetizer in the Philippines. It's made up of pork ears, pork belly, and deep-fried tofu, and it's served with soy sauce, pork broth, vinegar, chopped white onions, green onions, and red chili peppers. It is typically served as pulutan or finger food, but it can also be served as a meal with rice or as a side dish to rice porridge or lugaw. Tokwa is for firm beancurd, whereas baboy is Tagalog for pork. 

Giving you a slight background, this dish was originally named as kulao or kilawin ng tenga ng baboy (pig's ear)  made and known less the tofu or tokwa. It's a kind of kinilaw. As a result, tokwa't baboy is also known as kilawing tokwa't baboy.

Have you had any of this dishes before? 

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