Tuesday, February 21, 2023

BDO Supports Precast Concrete Technology to Spur Economic Growth

The goal-achieving capital and financial needs of clients are supported by BDO Unibank Inc. (BDO). BDO continues to interact with and lend to consumers in order to foster long-term growth and commercial success while improving Filipinos' quality of life. BDO recognizes the role of banks as a fundamental driver of economic progress.

Concrete Stone Corporation (CSC), a manufacturer and distributor of construction aggregates, precast products, and building materials, recognized the need to cut costs and production time as well as the demand for its products. As a result, the company thought about expanding its business with new technology and acknowledged its valuable banking partner status.

“Achieving our business objectives is difficult without substantial funding. Since we want to be the leading supplier of construction materials in the Philippines, we need the support of a bank to bring our organization’s vision to fruition. BDO’s reliability, commitment and quality products and services are aligned with our business values. We found a trusted banking partner with BDO, paving the way for our company to contribute to the economic development in urban areas and in the countryside,” said Noel Jesus Santiago, President of Concrete Stone Corporation.

BDO Unibank funded the construction of Concrete Stone Corporation’s precast facility in Mariveles, Bataan. 

The building of CSC's precast manufacturing and facility at Mariveles, Bataan, was funded by BDO. Precast concrete technology, which use a reusable mold to assure quality control and performs concrete curing in a well-controlled environment inside the manufacturing plant prior to installation, is the next green development in the building industry. Less waste, less dependency on fuel-powered equipment, and minimum environmental effect are the results of this.

CSC’s state-of-the-art precast concrete factory also ensures manufacturing with reduced dust emissions, noise, and other pollutants. Overall, the precast technology also provides Filipinos with a cheaper alternative in building their homes in terms of lower cost and faster production time.

Precast concrete's durability, adaptability to hot and cold temperatures without cracking or getting damaged, and ability to retain its strength even when exposed to extreme weather, makes the product disaster-resilient or at least less prone to the impacts of catastrophic events. To further contribute its expertise and resources, CSC actively supports disaster response as it provides equipment and assists in rescue and clearing operations with the local government unit (LGU) during calamities and man-made disasters. Moreover, it is involved in various flood control activities in partnership with the LGU by supplying quality materials such as armor rocks and filling materials for the riprap of river banks and other erosion prone areas where CSC has operations.

Concrete Stone Corporation has reached several milestones in the construction industry and has successfully supplied various big-ticket projects including the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX). Even with the economic challenges facing the country, CSC continues to be at the forefront as the lead supplier of construction aggregates and materials in the Philippines.

BDO is committed in supporting companies’ significant initiatives designed to create jobs, improve Filipinos’ quality of life, and use new innovative technology to propel economic growth.

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