Wednesday, October 5, 2022

World Teachers Day 2022


Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

In today's world, teaching is a challenging yet rewarding profession. Being a teacher is not for everyone. Teaching is a vocation unlike any other, not only because of the love for working with students. Good teachers are difficult to come by these days. Every student in the class needs to feel at ease for the teacher to be effective.

It takes deliberate effort on the part of the teacher to make sure that the students are learning the content being taught. Since every student learns differently, it is crucial to plan the lecture in a variety of forms to provide each learner the best chance to retain what is being taught.

The foundation to becoming an effective teacher is determination. They arrive early to their classroom and are prepared to instruct. They are affable, passionate, and friendly. It takes a lot of devotion to work in this field; one should have that. To become an expert in every aspect of teaching requires a lot of effort. The instructor must be able to communicate effectively in order to engage and inspire students.

Characteristics of a teacher: 

  1. Compassion 
  2. Respect
  3. Just and fair traits
  4. Friendly and a great of sense of humor

In addition to teaching a subject, teachers are the ones who will educate us how to live in the world by developing each student's full potential. 

They instruct us to firmly defend our beliefs with arguments that are supported by relevant data and reasonable arguments. They present difficulties that the students don't believe they are up to. They believe that the students can cross the gap between uncertainty and ignorance, pushing them to the brink of huge risks. They are the modern influencer that lasts longer than a single semester and is distinctly remembered in subsequent learning years.

Happy World's Teachers Day to all the educators and teachers! 

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