Wednesday, February 2, 2022

DIY Chinese New Year Headpiece and Costume Ideas for 2022

Celebrations are defined as a gathering of family and friends in one location, influenced by tradition. As Asians, we are proud of and grateful to our Chinese friends who are celebrating Chinese New Year in the Year of the Water-Tiger, 2022. 

Tradition significantly influences Chinese New Year celebrations, and the Spring Festival, to give Chinese New Year its proper name, is the most important festival of the year, with family and friends gathering to honor their ancestors with prayer and a feast.

The festival lasts for 15 days and takes place in the first or second month of the Lunar calendar. 

There are many customs associated with the festival, including a complete house and instructions on how to use the Feng Shui concept. Some Western traditions that are nearly the same during the Chinese New Year celebration include staying up late till the New Year arrives, opening doors and windows to let the spirit bad luck in, and welcoming the new ones in.

The Chinese New Year is recognized for its vibrant colors, incredible music, celebratory parades, loud and strong fireworks displays, and a delectable and spectacular assortment of delicacies and tasty meals.

Of course, now is the time to dress up in your favorite Chinese New Year traditional costume to have a more enjoyable experience; after all, this is a two-week festival, so there will be plenty of time to indulge in those brightly colored skirts and headpieces.

People wear unique clothes during the New Year season, which is usually brand fresh to represent the "new chapter." Traditional costumes are composed of silks and feature intricate embroidery. Loose tunics of various lengths are popular, and they're often worn with loose pants and a puffy vest.

"Pien-fu," a two-piece ritualistic costume consisting of a tunic top that hangs to the knees and ankle-length skirts or pants, is one of the three variations of this Chinese costume style. The "ch'ang p'ao," a one-piece ankle-length tunic dress that has been modernized with a highly attractive, body-hugging design, is another style. The "shenyi," a two-piece top and bottom suit sewed together in one piece, is the ultimate variant on Chinese New Year outfits.

Embroidered slippers, a rickshaw-type hat, or a fitted-cap style hat with a pigtail coming out the back can all be added to your Chinese costume as accessories. Red underwear is another option for your Chinese New Year outfit. Red is thought to be able to ward off evil spirits and bad luck, and everyone in modern China wears red underwear to symbolize this belief. 

For the 2022 Chinese New Year, I was invited by a PR firm to join an online Thanksgiving Chinese New Year Party; there was a message suggesting we could wear a Chinese costume, so I opted to come up with my own using the materials and clothing I already had at home. My daughter assisted me in making a headpiece for me to wear. See the TikTok video below to see what materials she used and how she put them together to create a festive and one-of-a-kind Chinese-inspired headdress. 

@bitsenpieces #DYI Chinese inspired headdress and costume won grand prize yesterday! 

For the robe, fortunately, I have a silk floral robe that my mother gave me, and because the event is virtual, only the upper portion of the robe will be visible in the camera. For me, it was ideal as a Chinese-themed costume. I also made a necklace out of an old red ribbon lace. Two small pineapple trinkets were also added from the Chinese decor, which provided the majority of the items we used. 

 And I won the grand prize for my DIY Chinese-inspired costume and headdress! 

Thank you for hosting the virtual party, Comm&Sense/Roar Agile Communicators; I had a blast!

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