Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Walang Duda, Panalo ka sa Silka 20th Year Anniversary Promo Win + UPDATE!


The prize has been claimed! Here's a video of me accepting my reward from Cosmetique Asia Corporation. Because of travel restrictions caused by an increase in Covid cases, the Silka staff decided to bring my reward here in my location. 

Thank you so much, Silka, and more power to you! 

Participating in raffles and online contests is not new to me; I've been trying my luck for about a decade now, and throughout that time I've won many prizes (not bragging), and I've even been surprised by my winnings. I even blogged about some of them in a previous post, shared them on my social media accounts, and collated and created an album on my most often viewed social media page so I could look back and remember all of the prizes I'd won. There have been occasions when I have been disappointed because I did not win a raffle or a contest, but over the years of joining, I have learned to accept and just join, because, as they say, "If it's meant to be, it will be." 

The ones who surprised me the most and the least surprised me the least are the ones that got me to win.

Walang Duda, ₱analo ka sa Silka 20th Year Anniversary Promo!

November 2020, when I decided to join in the Silka- Walang Duda, ₱analo ka sa Silka 20th Year Anniversary Promo! Because I am a regular user of this product, I invested a small sum to purchase a little more than usual. Last November 7, I purchased ten (10) specially marked cartons of Silka Whitening Herbal Soap Green Papaya at Puregold for Php42 per soap/carton a total of Php420.00. I usually buy the orange variety, but since there were none available, I went with the green one. I'm not interested in having my skin whitened by using this brand of soap, but I do like how my skin feels after using it. Every time I use it, my skin feels revitalized. 

The promotion began in August 2020, and I had two months left when I signed up. I never brought more than the amount of merchandise and entries I had intended to buy. I did participate in two other Facebook promotions at the same time as the Silka promotion. So I made my purchases based on the amount of money I had set aside for promotions and contests that month. 

Silka- Walang Duda, ₱analo ka sa Silka 20th Anniversary Promo prizes vary from Shopee and Lazada gift vouchers, cellphone load, smartphones, laptop, cash prizes for the monthly draws, and the 1Million cash prize for the grand draw.

December 14, a day after my birthday, I received a message on Facebook from the Silka page, asking for one specific carton with the corresponding code. I immediately looked for my stack of cartons for the code and immediately responded to the message with the other required identification. Although the message did not state that I won anything, they were just verifying a certain code that I have in my possession. But, I was so nervous because that day was the grand raffle draw of prizes and the grand prize amount is 1Million pesos! There was I, nervous, hopeful, and excited, haha! 

After I submitted all of the needed information, they simply instructed me to keep the pack and that if I won, I would need to produce and surrender the box with the code for them to verify it, and that I would have to wait until January 12, 2022, which is about a month away. This was the time that my patience was tested and with high hopes that I might be the lucky winner of the grand prize hahaha!  

Jan 12, 2022, around past 5 pm, they started to post winners and there was my name. I was one of the winners from the 4th Monthly draw of Php50,000! 

I am now Phph50,000 richer, (though I was ready to scream for the 1M hahaha!).

Although I did not win the grand prize, I am grateful for this prize! Due to travel constraints on the location where the Silka team originally scheduled the reward for release, I have yet to receive the cash prize as of this writing. However, they provided me with a contact person with whom I communicated to meet to claim the said prize. 

I will update this blog post once I receive the money. 👍 Time to look for other contest and promo raffle to join! 😉

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