Saturday, November 13, 2021

Keeping Your Nails Long and Healthy


Would you wish you had perfectly manicured nails if you saw them in an advertisement or on a celebrity? Long nails, especially when grown organically, look classy and chic. Although it can be difficult to keep and maintain natural long nails, the confidence is well worth the effort. There are ways to have long nails professionally if you want to go with the trend.

Is there a minimum or maximum length for a nail? This, in turn, will be determined by your everyday activities. I occasionally let my nails grow long without being trimmed or styled, leaving them raw and unmanicured. With daily housework, particularly in the kitchen, I occasionally find it difficult to keep my nails at the same length. I normally like square-shaped nails because they are easier to manage for me, and I only have round and pointed nails on rare occasions.

What I do to keep my nails long and healthy. 

Do not bite your nails, and I never do. 

  • Biting your nails can result in sharp edges, unevenness, and an unhealthy appearance. People who habitually bite their nails have been linked to stress, worry, and even health issues.

I always make time to shape and trim them properly. 

- When I have time to trim my cuticles, I always have my cuticle remover handy. This will appear to be neat, tidy, and even. Your nails will look healthier if you remove any dry skin or the cuticle.

Take care of your nails. 

-I constantly protect my nails against sharp items, therefore I never use them to open a bottle of Coke or anything like that.

Hands and nails should be moisturized. 

-After cooking or doing laundry, I always moisturize my hands and nails to keep my skin and nails from drying out and chipping. Hand creams and lotions that are high in Vitamin E are the greatest way to moisturize.

Extra protection for your hands and nails.

-If you can work and protect your hands and nails by wearing fabric or rubber gloves please do. 

Colors you like on your nails 

-If you're going to paint your nails, use the best and most eco-friendly brands you can find. For my nails, I prefer neutral hues. I enjoy it with colors, but it isn't eye-catching, especially for regular use. On exceptional occasions, I choose bold and vivid nail paints.

What does the state of your nails reveal about your health?
Keratin is a strong protein found in both nails and hair. Keratin builds fibers in your nails and hair, making them robust.
Always make sure your diet corresponds to what is needed, calcium and vitamin A are the most needed vitamins for nails, bone, and hair growth.  

Make sure your diet contains the nutrients you require; calcium and vitamin A are the most important vitamins for nail, bone, and hair growth.

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