Wednesday, September 22, 2021

What You Need to Know About Wireless Charging Pads | Cherry Mobile Aqua S10 PRO

You, like me, may get tired and annoyed with all the charging wires you have at home or work. Even if you try to keep things orderly by putting all the cables in a box or container, they will eventually clutter! Different sorts of chargers are designed for specific devices, so you'd have at least 4-5 cords strewn about on the table or the floor in this situation.

A wireless charging pad is one good alternative to consider if you want to reduce the clutter. If you're unfamiliar with the term, a charging pad is a mat that transmits electromagnetic fields to charge or power your mobile devices. Simply set your charge mat on a desk and plug it into the wall, then connect your receivers or place your gadgets on top of the charging mat and leave them to charge. This device is simple to operate. This is yet the best advantage of having a wireless charging mat. But, it also has this disadvantage. Not all gadgets and devices are wireless charging capable.

There are gadget brands in the market that sell their products because of features like these, like this new smartphone we bought, which has built-in wireless charging capability and comes with a free Q1- Wireless Charging Pad with Dual USB Port from the Homtime brand. It's one of the four freebies we received.

LED indicator
T-shape Powerjack
2- USB Charging Ports

Qi 1.2 Standard
Input: DC5V- 2A(Min)- 4A
Wireless Charger Output: 5W/10W
Wireless Distance: 6mm
Number of coils: Single
USB Charging Port: 1A-2A
Size: 94x94x18mm
Weight: 120g


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See the initial charging test I made. It took about an hour to fully charge the new phone- Cherry Mobile Aqua S10 PRO

And, considering this is the first time we've used a device like this, I'm extremely impressed. It would have been even more stunning if all of my devices were charged using the charging mat; that would be fantastic!!!

How about you, are you using a wireless charging mat too for your gadgets and devices? How was it so far?


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