Friday, September 24, 2021

How to Treat Your Talent So That They Want to Come Back

When you’re booking entertainment for a wedding, company party, or some other event big or small, it’s important always to make your performers feel that they are part of the proceedings rather than just service providers.

It can almost be tempting to think of the live talent as just someone who works for you, when in reality, your talent works for themselves. If you run a business and need to get performers in your doors every Friday and Saturday night, then you should take note of how these people like to be treated and make sure you adhere to that in the future.

Consider Paying Them As They Like

Your bar or restaurant may have a policy dictating how live performers are to be paid. Perhaps you pay half before the performance and the other half only afterward. Maybe you withhold it all until another week. Your cash can flow in all kinds of ways, so nothing is really unheard of today.

But if you want to encourage these artists to return to you and entertain your patrons, consider paying them according to their preferences. If it’s easier for them to take cash the day of the show, why not do it if it means you can establish a good relationship with the person? It could pay off for you eventually.

Offer Them Perks

Your live talent brings customers into your establishment. They provide you with a service while providing entertainment to the masses. So why not offer them something for their troubles, something more than just exposure?

For example, free drinks are a nice perk to offer to a singer, especially one who comes around all the time and who you know is reliable. Or you could even go so far as free food. The costs of these supplies should be offset by the increased volume of people you’re serving, and it will help to create a better relationship with the entertainer.

Help Them Market

You’re in business for you, to make money. But it takes all kinds of people to run a successful business, from your cooks all the way to the live entertainment that comes in on the weekends.

If you want everyone to do well, consider helping the performer to market upcoming shows there. You can drum up business for the singer’s performance at your establishment, and that in turn will help you to attract more business. It’s a mutually beneficial agreement, so why not go for this one?

In the end, if your live entertainment does well, you should do well, too. Treat your performers well, and they should continue making returns for you.

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