Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Notebook- An All-Time Romantic Movie Ever

The Notebook has been regarded as the best romantic film of all time. It's an excellent film that describes what the law of attraction is. 

It tells the story of Noah, a young man who meets his true love, Allie Hamilton, at the beginning of the film. The minute he sees Allie, he realizes she is the one he is looking for, and he stays true to that belief throughout the film. He appears on screen as a laid-back and easygoing young man who works in the state of 'Source Energy' daily.

His affection for her never wavers in the course of the film. Noah continues to love Allie even though she is forced to leave the town where they met because her parents do not want her to marry a man of such a low social status. He sends her 365 letters over a year in an attempt to maintain his relationship with her, only to discover that Allie's mother has taken all of the letters and Allie has not seen any of them.

Since he doesn't write to her, Allie believes Noah doesn't want to see or hear from her again. As she was working as a nurse at a veteran's hospital, she met another man named Lon. After a bit, Lon proposes to her, and she accepts.

In one sequence, Noah and Allie are in a huge old run-down house where they are about to make love for the first time, and Noah mentions that he wants to build a house someday on this very spot, and he begins to describe what it would look like, and Allie says "What about me, don't I get any say in all of this?" and Noah responds "do you want a say in this" and Allie say "well ya, I want a white house with blue shutters and a big old porch wrapped right around the whole porch" and Noah promises right there and there that he will design just what she wants.

He sends one last letter to Allie after a year, saying "goodbye," and then avoids writing to her. He goes to fight, and when he returns, his father has sold his house and purchased Noah's house on the lake. 

After Noah's time at war, he goes to a town for some trade and happens to run into Allie on the street. He tracks her down and watches her greet her fiance. He emotionally explodes, returns home, and starts to renovate the old house that his father has acquired for him with a rage he has never felt before. It's as if he's consumed with the thought of making what Allie wanted, hoping that she'll come back to him.

Allie faints when she sees a snapshot of Noah in his recently renovated house in the newspaper, and she can't stop dreaming about him, even though Lon, her fiance was in the picture. Allie takes a few days off to see Noah see how he is doing. Her visit astounds him, and his feelings for her are quickly rekindled. Noah never stopped the feeling of wanting Allie. The Notebook House is the plot of the movie- this is where they fall in love and rekindled that love again until the end. You may want to check the 3D interactive before and after graphic of the house in the Notebook at The Notebook House

They spend time in Noah's restored home, the white house with blue trim and a porch around the entire house, as well as a place for Allie to do her art, which he had promised to do many years before. It's the same house where they first fell in love years ago. And they sit and reminisce about the good old days, and how much they used to enjoy each other's presence. The next day, Noah invites Allie for a boat ride, and as they are paddling, it begins to rain. They end up laughing uncontrollably, and the old passion between them resurfaces in both of their hearts. Before the end of the ride, Allie asked Noah "Why didn't you write?", Noah tells Allie that he writes to her every day for 365 days. Allie was sad because she did not receive any letter from him. They made love passionately as they were just two people alone in the world. 


The confrontation between Allie and her mother for the letters her mother hid which she eventually gave all to Allie. Allie chooses Noah over Lon. At the end of the scene, Allie was caught with Alzheimer's and Noah was still with her at the end of their lives. 


  1. Omg, reading this just made me want to watch it again. I better grab my tissues and ice cream! ������

  2. What a beautiful ending. As they say, you will always end up with the person God wanted you to be.

  3. I love this movie so much! No other movies can pluck my heart strings than this movie. I want this kind of love.

  4. I remember this movie, very nostalgic for me!

  5. I live this movie too, thanks for sharing your afterthought and it is very romantic! - Knycx Journeying

  6. I had seen it, its my all time favourite actually!

  7. I haven't watched this movie in ages - I might need to rewatch it!