Tuesday, February 16, 2021

My Funny Valentine Bouquet!

Belated Valentines Day to everyone! I hope you enjoyed your weekend in this new normal of course with your family and loved ones! Since, everything outside is still limited we celebrated Valentines Day in the comforts of our home. Although, things are limited we are all thankful for this day that we get to celebrate hearts day. One of the most fun. loving and exciting holiday for all, if you will agree with me. 

I just want to share with you guys the Valentine bouquet I got from my Tay, it was a funny and hilarious that I didn't expected. After we had our breakfast he left the house to buy some food in the market, the usual things we do on a Sunday. Him going to the market while I tidy up the house and prepare for the Sunday mass online. After he got back, he went straight up to the kitchen and our babies (puppies) Jack and Billy followed him there, Jack picked up something from the kitchen counter and Tay realized that Jack was nibbling something...it was rose petals from the bouquet he placed on the kitchen counter. 

To my amazement, the bouquet he got for me consist of the following; (this is the time you need to click on the video and watch it for yourself!) hahaha! 

It was too funny as he told me how he assembled the bouquet in the fish market and how he got the rose petals for free! hahaha.

I hope you enjoy the video and share away for everyone to see and we hope we can make someone smile! :) 



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