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Should all of the flooring in the house be the same?

The perfect flooring for your house or office may add beauty and value. Yet, with so many alternatives on the market, choosing the best flooring can seem impossible and intimidating, especially if you're shopping for the first time. Natural hardwood, tile, vinyl, carpet, tile, laminate, and bamboo are just a few of the many varieties and styles available. There are also these luxury vinyl tiles. What is lvt? is a product that resembles real wood and stone flooring but offers many more advantages. There is no scarcity of flooring options. 

The first step in picking the best flooring is to choose the appropriate flooring material. It's a good idea to start with the essentials to make the project less of a headache and that won't eat up your time. Keep in mind that your room's decoration concept will be built around the flooring. As a result, it's critical to get the flooring just perfect. 

Before you choose the materials for your flooring, there are a few things to think about. If you're planning to put flooring in multiple rooms in your house, you don't have to use the same materials or patterns in each one. The sort of flooring material to install in a room must be determined by the purpose and intended use of the space, as well as the available budget.

When it comes to choosing the correct flooring material, the location of your home is crucial. If you live in a hot and humid area, for example, you should probably choose a non-rotting, cool-to-the-touch material like stone or granite. If you reside in a cooler climate, however, you may want to install carpet, rubber flooring, or organic hardwood flooring. Furthermore, you don't want to use a material that is readily destroyed by moisture, such as unprotected wood in a bathroom or flooring that is too delicate to be utilized in heavily frequented places.

Before deciding on the sort of flooring material, inspect the room's basis - underlay and subfloors. Subfloors and underlayment are crucial considerations for any flooring installation. The stability and lifespan of any flooring depend on the proper selection and preparation of the underlayment and subfloor. You want your flooring to stay solid and stable and not shift over time, which could lead to cracks or breaking. Underlayments for soft flooring materials like carpet or natural cork differ significantly from those for hard surfaces like bamboo or hardwood. Match your flooring materials to the appropriate underlayments.

Your home should be a reflection of your style and preferences. From contemporary designs to more conventional aesthetics, there are floorings to suit all kinds and inclinations. Traditional hardwood flooring, which comes in a variety of hues and patterns, goes with practically any interior decoration idea if your budget allows it. For a traditional aesthetic, newer materials such as bamboo wood flooring, bamboo laminate flooring, or hardwood laminated floors are less expensive options. A laminated floor is simple to maintain because most spills and scuffs can be removed with a quick wipe. There's no need to use harsh cleaners or scrub too hard.

It's always best to stick to your flooring budget while ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Consider shopping at flooring wholesalers or discounters to get the most value for money. They normally sell in quantity, so buying in bulk will save you money. Don't try to save a few dollars at the expense of quality. In the long term, lower-quality flooring may end up costing you more money in the future when you need to fix it. Before going out to a hardware store or home improvement store to shop for new flooring, do your homework and learn everything there is to know about flooring.

When searching for flooring, keep the aforementioned suggestions in mind. This type of flooring will improve the aesthetic appeal of a room while also increasing your enjoyment of your house. 

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Staying hydrated helps prevent illnesses during the rainy season

Press Release

The sweltering summer days are over as the country’s weather bureau declared the start of the wet season. During this season, we need to keep our guards up because many illnesses emerge.

These include diarrhea, caused by viral or bacterial infection; waterborne illnesses like typhoid fever, cholera, and leptospirosis; and vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue. 

To avoid contracting these diseases, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc. (PCPPI)—the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the country—reminds the public to keep hydrated, especially that we are in the middle of a global pandemic. 

“It is important that we keep our immune system strong. One of the easiest ways to do this is to stay hydrated,” said PCPPI president and chief executive officer Frederick D. Ong. 

To stay fit and protect yourself from diseases, here are some healthy habits you may do.

Eat healthy

What you consume today will have a huge impact on your health in the future. A good eating habit is one of the most basic practices to have a robust immune system. 

Making a well-balanced meal is simple - just add more fruits and vegetables, choose whole grain food, switch to low or zero fat options, and cut back on sugar. 

Exercise regularly

Exercising remains one of the most effective methods to strengthen your body during the rainy season. You do not have to buy expensive machines or pay for gym subscriptions. You only need at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. To safely exercise at home, you may check various workout videos online. If you opt to do outdoor walk or run, follow social distancing and other safety protocols. 

As part of your workout routine, replenish what you lose in sweat with sports drinks like Gatorade. It contains electrolytes that rehydrate your body to avoid dehydration.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is as important as eating healthy and exercising. A study from the Carnegie Mellon University found that people with poor, short sleep have greater chance of getting sick.

Quality sleep helps uplift your immune system. To get quality sleep, reduce your blue light exposure at night, avoid caffeinated drinks before bedtime, and reduce day time naps, among others. 


Proper hydration is vital in having a strong immune system. It detoxifies and flushes out waste materials from your body. It also helps transport nutrients to our organ systems. 


Taking in safe water is a must to avoid infection from water-borne diseases. To have a clean drinking water, you need to boil water for at least three minutes or do water chlorination. Or you can drink purified bottled water, like Aquafina and Premiere.

If you’re moving all day and feel sluggish or tired, that’s because you lose more than just water when you sweat.  You lose fluids and electrolytes. With this, it’s important for us to stay healthy and hydrated with an Electrolyte Drink like Gatorade Ion. 

“Even during rainy season, we need to hydrate to arm our body from diseases and keep our immunity in top shape. Over the years, PCPPI has been helping Filipinos achieve that with our hydration drinks,” Ong said. 

PCPPI is the exclusive manufacturer of well-known beverage brands in the Philippines: Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Mirinda, Mug, Gatorade, Tropicana, Lipton, Sting, Premier, Milkis, and Aquafina.

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About Pepsi Philippines


Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc. (PCPPI) is the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the Philippines, with a relationship spanning 70 years. PCPPI's principal stockholders are Lotte Corporation, Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co. Ltd., and Quaker Global Investments B.V. PCPPI manufactures and sells well-known beverage brands: Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Mirinda, Mug, Gatorade, Tropicana, Lipton, Sting, Premier, Milkis, and Aquafina. It has established 14 operations across the country, serving more than 700,000 outlets and providing employment through its extensive distribution network. PCPPI is committed to create a positive impact on society with programs focused on environmental sustainability, nutrition, education, and livelihood. For more information, visit

How to Become a Real Estate Agent


Photo by Cup of Couple from Pexels

Finding a career that you enjoy, that allows you to work for yourself, that allows you to establish your hours, and that pays well? That may appear to be near-impossible. It can be difficult to find work, especially in the current situation we are facing due to the pandemic. We are all aware of the businesses foreclosed, the high rate of the employment recession, and the downfall of economic growth. Would this be the best time to find a new career? A career in real estate perhaps? 

A job as a real estate agent allows you to be your boss, set your own goals, and earn a living while assisting customers in finding their future homes. 

Obtaining a license is the first step in entering the profession. State requirements vary, but most states require real estate brokers to take classes and pass a licensure exam. The requisite courses are offered at many community colleges and may also be available online. These classes, however, are usually not extremely expensive. One can also apply for real estate scholarship grants for their continuing education on the said career. The David Ebrahimzadeh Scholarship is intended to recognize students who are pursuing a degree in real estate or who have a strong interest in real estate.

Following the acquisition of a license, the next step in your career is to select the broker for whom you will collaborate. A broker is someone who has completed three years of further training and is licensed to run their firm. When choosing a brokerage, the size of the firm, years of experience, whether or not there is a mentorship program in place, and how the firm creates leads are all significant factors to consider. One good source to a broker's reputation is referrals from relatives or friends who have recently purchased or sold a home can also provide valuable insight. This can be done through applying in their firm or that certain business will reach out for your service and be a member of their team.

Next, you'll be able to start promoting yourself as a real estate agent. Consult a mentor who can point you in the right direction, or ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Business cards, signs, and advertisements are also effective ways to inform others that you are interested in assisting them with their home purchase or sale. One powerful tool to reach out to more clients is to go online. Create and set up your social media channels, promote and get leads to properties and people with the same interest. Make yourself and your business be known with just one click of a button. 

It's not every day that you hit the jackpot.

This implies that you will not always be able to reach sales targets. This is something that all real estate agents are are well aware of. It's simply more difficult to persuade customers to buy when the market is down. As a result, commissions are reduced, or even no commissions at all. 

Agent and Buyer expectations. 

Real estate agents can anticipate meeting a wide range of people. Clients and customers vary. Some would be simple to deal with, while a large number of others would be quite challenging and needs another extra hand to work with, especially if this is a potential buyer that demands details and specifications. A real estate agent should be flexible, resourceful, know how to understand the need and requests of the client. You should serve your client with the utmost patience. 

The job of a real estate agent pays well and can be a gratifying one.

Monday, July 5, 2021

6 Steps to Secure Your Data

Data rules our lives. From simply filling up a form for contact tracing to submitting an online application for an official document, we give out information that can be collected, kept, and used.

For sure, there are valid reasons for collecting such data. But sometimes the data can be misused. To help prevent identity theft, loss of funds, besmirching of your reputation, and other troubles of our digital world, here are some steps you can take to help keep your data safe.

1) Avoid oversharing on social media. Never post your plane tickets, travel plans, full name of family members, including middle name/mother's maiden name, IDs, etc.

2.) Dispose hard copies of your financial documents properly. Shred and do not just crumple or leave around bank statements, SOAs, receipts, etc. You should also shred packages where your name, mobile number, and address are written. Go if possible.

3.) Be careful with the raffles you join online and offline. Do not get too excited about winning without checking first if all the data being collected are necessary.

4.) Do not use unsecured internet and app connections. Think twice before connecting to any public Wi-Fi, especially if there are no passwords. Always download from your mobile phone's official app store rather than from random sites. It is best to clear your cache regularly to delete the cookies collected from various sites.

5.) Always be careful where you use your cards. Never lose sight of them when paying for something, and watch the store attendant handling them.

6.) When shopping online, before you enter any personal or financial information, make sure that the site you are on is legitimate and secure. The easiest way is to look for “https” at the beginning of a site’s address. If you don’t see the “s” at the end of “http,” then the site is not encrypted and your data will not be secure. All legitimate shopping sites have the “s” for your protection.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) always reminds employees and clients about the importance of securing one’s data.

“When it comes to protecting your data, it helps to know a few tips on how you can keep your personal information safe,” said BPI’s Enterprise Information Security Officer and Data Privacy Officer Jonathan John B. Paz. “We just have to keep ourselves informed because fraudsters get craftier every year, and cybersecurity is always a shared responsibility.”

Press Release: 


The 169-year-old Bank of the Philippine Islands is the first bank in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. We are a universal bank with an expanded banking license. We provide diverse financial services that include deposits, cash management, asset management, securities brokerage, foreign exchange and capital markets investments, bancassurance, corporate lending, leasing, and investment banking. BPI has significant financial strength, with strong Tier 1 capital adequacy ratios and profitability, underpinned by a strong risk management regime. BPI is rated investment-grade by international credit ratings agencies.

E-mail: Media: Investors:

Bank of the Philippine Islands l Ayala North Exchange Tower 1, Ayala Avenue corner Salcedo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229 PH l +632 246 6366l

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Get Ready to Win in Wil to Play

Manila, 1 July 2021 - Perya Perya, the mobile games arcade platform of technology company Big Crunch Digital Pte. Limited (Big Crunch Digital) launched Wil to Play, the first-ever game show for your phone.

Wil to Play is the Android mobile game endorsed by famous TV game show and celebrity Willie Revillame. While most TV game shows let the studio and TV show audience win, Wil to Play emulates the same experience of winning great prizes like in Willie Revillame's gameshow, Wowowin, but on your mobile phone.

The gameshow host/celebrity is thrilled to be the first to bring this mobile app to his beloved Filipino fans. “Lahat ng ginagawa ko ang kapakanan ng fans ang lagi kong iniisip, kung paano ko sila mapapasaya at matutulungan lalo ngayong may pandemya. Dahil di pa tayo pwedeng magsama-sama dito sa studio, sa Wil To Play makakapaglaro at manalo ng mga premyo kahit saan man tayo,” ayon kay Revillame.

“In everything I do I always think of how to bring joy to our Filipino audiences, especially during this pandemic. And because we cannot all be with us at the studio, with Wil to Play you can play online and win prizes wherever you are,” said Revillame.

Jackie Chua, Big Crunch Digital's managing director, said that her team would ensure that Wil to Play and Perya Perya, its mobile gaming platform, will have a steady stream of enhancements and updates to provide a richer and rewarding gaming experience. 

“Together with Willie Revillame, our goal is to give Filipinos hope in these troubled times. Since we're still in a pandemic where mass gatherings are disallowed, we would like to give the same opportunity to our users to win exciting daily and grand raffle prizes as if they are part of a live studio audience,” Chua said.

Wil to Play's hyper-casual mobile game app for Android gives users a chance to bring home digital gadgets, food items, and more anytime and anywhere. Wil to Play is the first fusion of TV game show, and real-world rewarding mobile gaming experience.

Users can earn tickets by playing five mini-games: Wow Girl, Pares Pares, Bawal Tumawid, Tumbang Premyo, or Slicen Naten. The more gamers play and score points, the more tickets they can earn.

By paying a minimum of P20 (2 days of unlimited play), gamers can participate and redeem tickets they win during play. They can use these to join the raffles to win big prizes.

Big Crunch Digital has worked with big gaming studios such as Microsoft's first-party studio The Coalition and Synergy 88 Digital Inc.

Wil to Play is now available to download at the Google Play Store. Users can subscribe and pay for game packages via Google Pay where they can link their mobile phone for load deduction, Gcash, Paypal, or credit cards. Alternatively, users can also visit physical reseller partners of Big Crunch digital such as pawnshops and sari-sari stores nationwide.

For more information on Wil to Play, please visit or

About Perya Perya

Perya Perya is a mobile Games Arcade Platform that delivers a real-life arcade experience to gamers of all means and backgrounds. Just like in an arcade, the platform is designed to reward players with real-life prizes. The more players play, the more they can win.

The platform supports both standalone games as well as game collections built inside one application. Users can choose from a wide variety of games to fancy their chances of winning prizes or just maximize their efforts on just a few at which they are good at. It also supports branded arcades with themed collections of games.

Players can subscribe to the platform using different kinds of digital payments or even through more than 200,000 retail stores across the country.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

BPI Foundation provides fishing boats, houses, and immediate relief to victims of Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses

A local fishing community in Tabaco City receives motorized fiberglass boats from BPI Foundation.

BPI Foundation, the social development arm of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), together with BPI employee volunteers and clients, provided fishing boats, houses, and relief assistance to the victims of typhoons Rolly and Ulysses to help them rebuild their lives.

“The goal is to help out and provide immediate assistance to our fellow Filipinos badly affected by natural calamities. As much as possible, we work closely with the affected community to develop holistic and sustainable solutions to address their most pressing issues,” said BPI Foundation Executive Director Owen Cammayo. “The coming months will not be easier, but we will do all that we can to support their survival with the hope of seeing them thrive in the near future.”

Joining the fleet

The Foundation recently turned over 40 motorized fiberglass boats to fishermen in Tabaco City, Tiwi, and Bacacay in Albay through “Fleet of Hope”, an initiative by the Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management and the family behind Biggs Inc. and Que Rica PH, which aims to support the livelihood rehabilitation and economic recovery of local fishing communities in Bicol.

“I'd like to thank you for believing in us and our project, and for trusting us that we give the boats to the right beneficiaries,” said “Fleet of Hope” Co-founder Carlo Buenaflor.

Aside from giving livelihood assistance to around 120 fishermen, the fishing boats may also be used for the community’s rescue operations during calamities. 

Rebuilding homes

In April, BPI Foundation turned over P2 million to the St. Joseph the Worker Parish of Baggao in Cagayan for its “Project Salinong” initiative, a shelter assistance operation aimed at building low-cost housing for the victims of Typhoon Ulysses. Through the donation, the Foundation will help build a village consisting of 82 disaster-resilient duplex houses that will shelter over 160 families.

Reynaldo Adducul of Medical College of Northern Philippines and BPI BAYAN Cagayan Valley Cluster of ICV Area group leader Benalie Paguirigan spearhead the ceremonial groundbreaking for “Project Salinong.”

“I would like to extend our profound gratitude to the BPI Foundation for the substantial donation you have given to the families rendered homeless by Typhoon Ulysses. We will always remember your kindness and generosity for you have extended help to us in our hour of greatest need,” said Rev. Fr. Gerry Perez, a Parish Priest from St. Joseph the Worker Parish of Baggao.

A livelihood center will also be constructed so that the community will have an open space for their activities.

Providing immediate relief

With the help of 684 dedicated BPI employee volunteers, BPI Foundation was also able to extend immediate relief assistance to 6,600 families or 33,000 typhoon victims in Cagayan Valley, Catanduanes, and Marikina City last November. The relief packs included various canned goods, rice, coffee, and water.

Apart from those who helped in repacking and distribution, other employees also initiated various fundraising projects to help typhoon victims.

To know more about BPI Foundation and its programs, follow its Facebook and Instagram pages and visit

Monday, June 14, 2021

Bennet Schwartz discusses the need for digital marketing knowledge in today's world

Digital marketing is essential for establishing a brand's identity and generating visitors to a company's website. A thorough digital marketing plan begins with the development of a search-engine-friendly website and extends to a robust social media presence.

Bennet Schwartz shares the major marketing trends and knowledge in this digital age.

Due to the increase in internet users globally, a digital presence in terms of marketing techniques is on the rise; people rely on the internet for information and knowledge on everything every second of the day. This is also the next major step in achieving the greatest possible results in a business manager's career and company growth. 

Furthermore, customers can easily and made-easy access internet information by using smartphones, computers, and other smart technology devices, thanks to the technology round-up of smart gadgets being created in the market. Consumers and businesses may communicate immediately and stay linked not only locally but globally.
The most essential aspect of digital marketing is that it is incredibly simple to adjust and engage with target audiences all around the world.

Social Media Presence

Social media is similar to an online store display; formerly, you had to visit a physical store to see what things were available, but now, social media is synonymous with the marketing industry in general. People can interact with products and compare them online. This provides the advertiser with additional client data as well as a chance to promote branding.

Different demographics are attracted to different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok, agencies may easily choose who they want to target.

Another significant part of social media marketing is influencers. Influencers are willing to promote products by posting on their popular accounts. Influencers have a keen sense of who their target audience is.

Social Media Advertisements

Advertisements on social media can be displayed in a variety of ways, including banners, google ads, and information collection websites. 

The algorithm for developing social media ads has progressed significantly over time. Recognizing how to make an online advertisement work requires extensive experience, but today's ad firms are experts at ensuring that their ads are targeted to the appropriate demographics. The ability to create interactive commercials or advertisements is one of the most exciting technological advancements in the marketing industry.

Marketing Your Content

Content marketing is one of the best uses of technology in marketing. Content marketing entails the creation of videos, blog posts, and other forms of material that might assist a company in achieving its marketing objectives. Content marketing and SEO are combined to create a searchable item that will rank well on Google.

The know-how of SEO

The most useful method developed by today's marketing organizations is search engine optimization, sometimes known as SEO. A website's search engine optimization (SEO) can help it rank higher in Google and other search engines' results. SEO used to be simple, but it's become increasingly difficult to master in recent years. There are numerous resources available on the internet to help you understand SEO tactics and apply them to your company's website.

Strategic Email Correspondence 

In the realm of email marketing, it has made a big impact. Customers can be targeted with different messages based on where they are in the sales process with email marketing. They are frequently enticed to join an email list in exchange for product promotion. 

Bennet Schwartz advocates a deep grasp of digital marketing among businesses as a strong proponent of marketing technology. 

Combining these methods can be extremely beneficial when developing a marketing strategy. Companies will find that they have an advantage over their competitors if they utilize the correct mixture of strategies.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

How Do I Find the Perfect Shoes for my Feet

Women's shoes are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. They also come in a variety of widths: tight, medium, and wide. 

Here are some tips I use to find the perfect shoes for me, which may be useful to you as well:

Shoe size

The size is, of course, the first thing you should look for. It is simple, but it can be complicated. When it comes to sizes, different shoe companies produce different results. It is a must to fit the shoes before buying them as the size of the shoes will depend on the fit on your feet. 

Shoe material and comfort

One of the basic things you look for for a pair of shoes is comfort. Comfortable shoes mean comfortable when walking. You wouldn't want your foot to get sore and blistered when walking outside. 

But, sometimes no matter how comfortable and snug the pair of shoes you bought there are times that a part of your foot will get blisters- or as they call it as shoe break-in. You need to allow your shoes to get to know your feet for 3-4 weeks or lesser depending on use. When you reached this stage, you can feel the best comfort as every corner of the shoe fits perfectly as they already expanded. You can also use a shoe stretcher if needed. Choosing the best and comfortable heel size depends on the occasion too.

You can also pick up a pair of shoes that is one size bigger than yours but be aware that as you wear your shoes regularly it will expand, you don't want a shoe that looks unflattering on you because it looks too big after some time, with the exceptions of boots like summer boots in which you can have one size bigger for a comfortable and easy walk. There is also this kind of summer boots that looks chic and sexy for dresses and jeans. 

Complimenting your shoes with the right outfit

Sometimes when you want to go classic with your shoes, one chooses the plain and neutral colors to go along with print and colorful outfit or wardrobe. Black, white, and nude shades go well perfectly for an overprinted ensembles. This goes hand-in-hand. 

Whether your kind and style your shoes are like sandals, strappy, clogs, or even the trendy designs for shoes you can go or tone down with the colors. Dresses, t-shirt, jeans paired with and sexy tops, or even office attire good comfortable shoe is necessary to go about your day perfectly. 

Shoe Brand and Pricing 

There are hundreds of hundreds of shoe brands in the market today. The choices are endless, sometimes, people go beyond more than their budget to get their desired shoes, some also hoards shoes and never uses them because of the designer brands which they wanted to keep and preserve.  

If you have that budget you can do so, but as a tip do not go beyond your means and go broke. 

Friday, June 4, 2021

Kabuhayan Loan ng BDONB, katulong sa pag-asenso ng MSMEs, OF’s at kanilang pamilya

Isinagawa ng BDO Network Bank (BDONB) ang kanilang Go Negosyo talk show na pinamagatang ““Kayang-kaya Kabayan” nitong Biyernes, June 4. Layunin ng talk show na magbahagi ng financial management tips at valuable insights pagdating sa mga sustainable at adaptable business opportunities hindi lamang para sa mga local Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), kundi pati na rin sa mga Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) at kanilang mga beneficiaries.

Pinangunahan ni SME Advocate Josie Conlu ang talakayan tungkol iba’t-ibang financial challenges na kinakaharap ng ating mga OFWs abroad. Nagbahagi rin siya ng mga opportunities na maari nilang subukan pagkatapos nitong pandemya.

Naroon din si Randell Tiongson, isang registered financial planner and advocate ng Life & Personal Finance, na nagbahagi ng preparedness at adaptability tips kung paano ba i-manage ang income at kung papaano mag-impok para sa emergency funds. Kabilang dito ang pag-shift sa mga essential business, paggamit ng online platforms, at pagdagdag ng stocks.

Napag-usapan din ang importansya ng MSMEs sa pagpapalago ng lokal at nasiyonal na ekonomiya.

 “Ang pag-unlad ng Pilipinas ay nakasalalay sa pagsulong ng mga MSMEs. Sa paglago ng mga MSMEs, gaganda ang kinabukasan nila at ng kanilang pamilya. Dahil dito, tinatawag na “growth engine” ng ekonomiya ang mga MSMEs,” ani BDONB Senior Vice President and MSME Group Head Karen Cua.

Dagdag pa niya, ang mga MSMEs ay ang nagpapatakbo ng ekonomiya ng ating mga komunidad dahil nakapagbibigay ito ng trabaho, mga produkto, at mga serbisyong kailangan sa pang araw-araw.

Ayon sa  data ng Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, ang MSMEs ay isang kritikal na sector ng ating bansa dahil they account for 99.5% ng business enterprises, 62.4% ng total employment, at 35.7% ng gross value added. Maliban dito, sila rin ay nagsisilbing valuable partners at suppliers ng mga malalaking enterprise.

Kaya’t patuloy na sinusuportahan ng BDONB ang mga MSMEs upang mapanatili at mapalago ang kanilang operasyon sa gitna ng pandemya.

Ang dating OF na si Ernesto Abad, isang electrician na nagtrabaho sa Saudi Arabia, ay nagbahagi ng kanyang kwento kung paano nakatulong ang BDONB at ang Kabuhayan Loan sa kanyang pamilya at sa kanilang negosyo lalo na ngayong pandemya.

“Dahil sa sitwasyon ng lockdown, ang buwanang padala ng asawa ko na nasa abroad ay natigil, kaya’t napakaganda ng pag-alok sa akin ng BDO [Network Bank] upang maipagpatuloy ko ‘yung aking negosyo kahit sa panahon ng pandemic,” ani Abad. 

Bilang isang trusted partner ng mga MSMEs sa business growth at sustainability, handog ng BDONB ang Kabuhayan Loan upang mabigyan ang mga MSMEs ng access sa additional capital at investment para sa kanilang stocks, sa pag-expand at pagpapalago ng kanilang sa pagbili ng mga business assets gaya ng delivery trucks at iba pang kailangang equipment.

Ang Kabuhayan Loan ay mayroong mabilis at simpleng application process para sa pagpapa-utang sa mga negosyante ng mula P30,000 hanggang P1,000,000 na hindi nangangailangan ng collateral. May installment options ito na 12 months hanggang 24 months, depende sa kakayahan ng isang borrower magbayad. Meron din itong kaakibat na Credit Life Insurance na nagsisilbing proteksyon ng pamilya laban sa financial burden.

Ang BDO Kabuhayan loan ay available sa lahat ng BDONB branches. Para ma-qualify sa loan, ang borrower ay dapat mayroon existing na negosyo for at least three years at nagge-generate ito ng weekly sales na di bababa sa P15,000. Magsubmit lamang ng isang valid ID, business permit, at proof of sales.  Maaari ring mag-apply online via

Mula May 17 hanggang July 16, 2021, 30 lucky applicants ang mananalo ng Kabuhayan Package na tig-P10,000 worth of grocery goods o SM appliances. Para sa mga inquiries tungkol sa promo, mag-send lamang ng private message sa BDO Network Bank PH Facebook page o bisitahin ang

Monday, May 31, 2021

CHED and REX Education recognize model HEIs’ flexible learning and innovations through Gawad Edukampyon Awards 2021

In a time of great difficulty and challenges not just for the education sector but for the whole country, many schools and educators rose to the task to continue providing holistic and enriching learning for students throughout the country. It’s time for these heroic efforts to take the spotlight and be acknowledged.

The Gawad Edukampyon Awards 2021 was created for this very purpose: to celebrate innovations and excellence by higher education institutions (HEIs) during the most challenging time in recent history, and bring together educators and institutions to create, refine, and implement innovative programs suited to create better and sustainable learning in the 21st century’s new normal of education.

Launched in January 30, 2021 by Rex Education and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), in partnership with the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), the Gawad Edukampyon Awards 2021 is driven by CHED’s #WeLearnAsOne Bayanihan efforts and Rex Education’s Edukampyon advocacy.

“I encourage all HEIs to join the Gawad Edukampyon and showcase your innovations. It is during these challenging times that we must empower and inspire each other, draw strength and learn from one another,” said CHED Chairperson Prospero “Popoy” De Vera.

Flexible learning is here to stay

Rex Education has always rallied behind the Edukampyon advocacy, which calls for the involvement of the whole community and all education duty-bearers to ensure all students are Filipino Whole Learners—healthy, safe, engaged, supported, challenged, and values-oriented inside and outside their learning environments. This has become especially important and relevant given the context and changes in education in the new normal, where flexible learning has become a more viable modality for the years to come.

“[There is] no going back to the traditional, full-packed, face-to-face classrooms. The Commission has adopted a policy that flexible learning will continue in the school year 2021 and thereafter,” said De Vera. This statement comes after the release of CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 04, series 2020, “Guidelines on the Implementation of Flexible Learning,” which also presents flexible learning as a sustainable system that should be part of every school’s Learning Continuity Plan (LCP).

Given the new investments of many HEIs in technology, teacher training, and retrofitting of facilities to adapt with flexible learning, and with this modality already long-adapted by many universities across the globe, it only makes sense for institutions to embrace the new landscape that flexible learning brings. This adaptability and learner-centered approach to education has always been at the core of Edukampyon, which—through the many studies and real-world applications it draws from—argues that learning should not just be delivered from the classroom curriculum, but from the whole community and through every possible learning moment.

“The Edukampyon agenda lobbies that as members of the community, everyone is part of this learner-centered solution, and are thus duty bearers morally obliged to support initiatives that will benefit our learners. We acknowledge that the efforts to realize the vision of Edukampyon is continuously growing. We may be at the very first steps of this years-long movement. But taking the first step is always the most crucial moment in every revolution. With the help of every HEI and of everyone, we hope that this first step leads to a march where we create more programs and campaigns that would allow us to be champions for the Whole Filipino Learner. And we hope Gawad Edukampyon Awards 2021 will lead that way,” said Don Timothy Buhain, CEO of Rex Education.

Award categories and prizes

There are four categories under the Gawad Edukampyon Awards. Each category will be awarded to the school who has implemented a project or initiative that best exemplifies excellence in the particular field and has been demonstrated during the pandemic.

The Gawad Edukampyon for Excellence in Flexible and Responsive Management is an award to be given to HEIs who created policies or specific projects and practices that ensured the continuity of education, as well as the health, safety, and well-being of students, faculty, staff and school-community during times of disruption. This includes efforts that set a clear framework and system for the transition and integration of flexible learning approaches, excellent and strategic leadership and management, and innovative management approaches that provided tangible support to the staff and students’ well-being especially during pandemic.

The Gawad Edukampyon for Excellence in Flexible Teaching and Learning Innovation is an award to be given to HEIs with exemplary innovative and adaptive learning approaches and solutions, including innovative platforms, tools, pedagogies, and appropriate learning assessments; efforts to promote learner-centered teaching; technology-enhanced or arts-based learning; setting up mobile open online courses (MOOCs); or creating significant reforms in the curriculum to accommodate the changes in the delivery of learning.

The Gawad Edukampyon for Responsive Research and Development is an award to be given to HEIs with outstanding research and development of products that significantly contributed to the community through research and materials dissemination to other LGUs or other HEIs, as well as researches that have been used as an input to public policy or adopted into a local community project, and case assessments or action-research that can improve the government’s COVID-19 response.

The Gawad Edukampyon for Public Service and Community Engagement is an award given to HEIs with outstanding outreach projects that alleviated challenges experienced by their community because of COVID-19. This includes those that have increased community resilience or improved response to the pandemic and communication campaigns that have engaged the community or resulted to transformative decision-making.

Two winners will be awarded for each category—one from the public sector and another from the private sector. Each award category winner will receive a cash prize and an educational resources package worth P200,000. The narratives of all winners will be featured in the Rex Education-led publication, Padayon.

How to join

All HEIs who wish to participate in the Gawad Edukampyon Awards can now submit their letter of intent (LOI) signed by the HEI head or authorized representative to with the subject heading “The Screening Committee, Gawad Edukampyon 2021”. The deadline of submission of LOI is on June 4, 2021.

For the full mechanics on how to join, and to access the forms, application information, and other updates, you may visit Gawad Edukampyon on Facebook, head to the link, or contact the Gawad Edukampyon secretariat at or 0956-812-3896.


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Big Crunch Digital pave the way for the Philippines' fusion of TV and mobile game entertainment - Wil to Play to be launched under Perya Perya gaming platform

Mobile gaming in the Philippines will grow even more significantly in the coming years. In recent reports, Philippine mobile gaming revenues will reach US$1,032m in 2021 and push to US$1,522m by 2025. More than 70 million mobile phone users are driving these gains, with 80 percent of those users playing mobile games on a regular basis.

The Philippines is now one of the emerging Southeast Asian markets primed for the launch of new games and the expansion of new mobile game platforms. It's one of the reasons Big Crunch Digital Pte. Limited (Big Crunch Digital) is at the forefront of developing local games to help drive the mobile gaming market forward via its gaming platform. - Perya Perya (from the Filipino term amusement park). 

Under Perya Perya, Big Crunch Digital has been busy developing mobile games for Wil to Play, a soon-to-be-launched mobile game for Android. Willie Revillame, a well-known local celebrity, hosts and creates the TV show that inspired the app. The tight integration with its TV game show counterpart, as well as the ability to win real-world prizes, distinguishes Wil to Play from other games.

While most mobile games allow you to earn prestige and bragging rights, Wil to Play's hyper-casual mobile games allow users to bring home digital gadgets, food items, and more at any time and from any location. Since there are still limits to the sizes of local events and gatherings in the country, Wil to Play may well be the first game show that allows its online fans to win prizes even if they don't get to be in the TV studio. 

Big Crunch Digital's Managing Director, Jackie Chua, stated that the company has always aimed to develop a highly disruptive mass-market mobile entertainment offering for Southeast Asia.The company has vast experience in content, anime, and game production and development, working with big gaming studios such as Microsoft's first-party studio The Coalition and Synergy 88 Digital Inc.

Chua sees more opportunities as the Philippines' average revenue per user (ARPU) stands at US$33.69 and is expected to rise. As a result, Big Digital Crunch is looking for developers to expand into and partner with the Philippine market. 

"With Wil to Play and other currently-developing mobile gaming platforms, we've achieved distribution to more than 10 million users within the 2021 calendar year alone. We expect those numbers to increase exponentially in the coming years."

Wil To Play is set to have its open beta release this June 2021.

For more information on Wil to Play, please visit or