Tuesday, December 22, 2020

TECNO Mobile launches new AI-powered, revolutionary TECNO Spark 6 Series - A smartphone for the masses


TECNO Mobile launches new AI-powered, revolutionary TECNO Spark 6 Series - A smartphone for the masses 

6 new enhancements bring users an elevated immersive experience, along with more powerful cameras, multiple Bluetooth sharing, bigger screens, higher capacity and faster speeds

Recognizing the evolving need for high-performing, multi-tasking and affordable smartphones during these challenging times, global premier mobile phone brand TECNO Mobile has launched its latest innovation, the TECNO Spark 6 Series.

The TECNO Spark 6 Series is smartly designed for work and play, and is competitively priced to give locals the best value for their hard-earned money. Price ranges from PhP3,990 to PhP6,490. The Spark 6 Series is packed with six upgraded features - a unique camera system designed to elevate photographic immersion to the next level, bigger screen, more generous memory and storage, boosted processing speed, enhanced video call experience, and a fun Bluetooth audio share feature.


Ye Yuan, Deputy General Manager of TECNO Mobile, said: “Now more than ever, the smartphone is a necessity. It is an essential link to the outside world – for remote working, online learning, staying in touch with loved ones, getting news, and for entertainment. Our goal is to make advanced, innovative smartphones more accessible to more people. TECNO Mobile’s smartphones are affordable, and that includes the latest TECNO Spark 6 Series. We continue to develop our smartphones with the consumers’ changing needs.”   

The Spark 6 Series comes in three (3) amazing variants – Spark 6 4GB RAM+128GB, and Spark 6 Go in 4GB RAM +64GB and 2GB RAM+32GB. These all have a high performing, impressive battery life, and a sleek, simple yet bold design. The Spark 6 Go variant was the first to be released this November, and is available in all TECNO Mobile partner retail stores.

Here are some of the features packed into the powerful Spark 6 Series that everyone can enjoy:

Spark 6 Go

  • A 13-megapixel AI Dual camera and 8MP front camera, AI lens with 18 different scene detection, up to 95% recognition rate and upgraded algorithms. The 13-megapixel primary lens supports 4x digital zoom with F-1.8 big aperture that captures more light at night, and processes image details more finely.

  • Various shooting modes for the AI Dual camera, including Bokeh, AI Beauty, and AI HDR, among others. Full picture details and quality are greatly improved, plus a dual rear flash fills light in dark environments to ensure better photos.

  • A Bluetooth Audio Share feature that can connect to multiple wireless Bluetooth headsets at the same time, enabling users to listen and watch with friends. 

  • A 6.52 inches dot in display screen with 20:9 screen aspect ratio and 720 x 1600 resolution for a wider, clearer, immersive display effect, rich color contrast, and great visual experience.

  • A 5,000 mAh battery that stays charged longer, ideal for photography, gaming, browsing, video streaming and music. 

  • HiOS for a more intelligent and convenient user experience, with a brand new dark theme feature that uses less phone battery and causes less eye strain.

Spark 6

  • A 16-megapixel AI quad camera with a depth lens. This 16MP primary lens can work as a macro lens, and AI lens with AI Scene Detection that can recognize 18 different scenes with a 95% recognition rate.

  • Quad lens that provides high definition portraits, macro photos, and immersive AI video experiences with features like ‘Video Beautify’, ‘AI Beauty’, ‘AI Body Shaping’, and ‘AR Interaction’.

  • Android Q with a G70 processor, and 4G long-term evolution (LTE) network connectivity for improved performance, and allowing for a wide range of user customization. The operating system is also equipped with utility applications that allow users to free up memory, freeze applications, limit data accessibility for specific applications, and other useful features. 

  • A Bluetooth Audio Share feature that can connect to multiple wireless Bluetooth headsets at the same time to enable users to listen and watch with friends. 

  • A 6.8-inch high-definition (HD) dot in display screen that gives a perfect screen ratio for an extremely sharp display and much broader viewing experience. 

  • A 5,000 mAh battery that ensures top conditions for photography, gaming, browsing, video streaming and music with every full charge. 


The Spark 6 Series is available at TECNO Mobile partner retail stores, and comes in three models – Spark 6 4GB RAM+128GB priced at PhP6,490, Spark 6 Go 4GB RAM+64GB at PhP5,490, and Spark 6 Go 2GB RAM+32GB for only PhP3,990. For a complete list of stores, visit http://bit.ly/TecnoStoresPH

To stay updated on products and the latest offering from TECNO Mobile, visit www.tecno-mobile.com/ph and follow TECNO Mobile Philippines on Facebook.


About TECNO Mobile

TECNO Mobile is a premium smartphone brand from TRANSSION Holdings. Upholding the brand essence of “Expect More”, TECNO Mobile is committed to giving the masses access to latest technology at accessible prices, allowing the consumers to reach beyond their current limitations and uncover a world of possibilities. TECNO Mobile understands the needs of consumers from different markets and provides them with localized innovations across a product portfolio featuring smartphones, tablets, and feature phones. TECNO Mobile is a major global player with presence in around 60 emerging markets across the world. It is also the global Official Tablet and Handset Partner of Manchester City Football Club. For more information, please visit: www.tecno-mobile.com

Sunday, December 20, 2020

My Experience and Everything You Need to Know about Hair Bleaching

Though not dyeing, bleach is a common chemical used to colour individual hairs. The reasons for dying hair are countless, many individuals that are seeking a quick way to experience a different hair look as a "blonde" do so by bleaching their hair. Interestingly enough many people who bleach their hair don't get the result they were hoping for.

Bleach is a very powerful chemical and reacts differently with some hair colors than others. When bleach is applied to a darker hair or brunette often turns a darker color and does not have the desired impact on your color. Lighter hair often does turn to a blondish white color but does not keep the hair healthy. Overall, the result of using bleach on your hair will depend on the natural hair color you have. You can always repeat the process of bleaching with consideration of hair damage. For the reasons below:

Bleach often harms hair. It drys it out, can potentially kill the roots, and leave you without the bounce you had grown used to with your regular hair and hair color. You should always be cautious with your hair bleaching efforts as you never know the long term impact it may have on your hair. Be sure to never bleach your hair too often as doing so will surely longer-term hair issues.

Individuals use bleach on more than just the hair on the top of their head. People with lighter skin tones often use bleach as a way to remove back hair. Bleach doesn't remove the hair from an individual's back, but if light enough it can make it look like an individual does not have the hair on their body parts.

Unlike bleaching the hair on your head, body hair bleaching often uses creams for the dye instead of hydrogen peroxide. These creams come with clear instructions about the length of time that should be used when attempting to bleach back hair.

While bleach is used on several different parts of hair on your body, it still is most commonly done so on your head. Be sure to consider the negative outcomes from using bleach and try lightening your hair with a traditional hair dye.

After cutting my hair short including my hair bangs that were a fail, I decided on bleaching my hair for a change...this is my first time to do a hair experiment, and also the grey hairs are coming out. I wanted to have a new look, and hair would grow back fast after months so this move is not permanent. 

The hair bleach technique was non-professional, it was applied as-is with no instructional manual.

The outcome: I am enjoying this hair color and I am excited to style it every day since I had it. This may not be the perfect hair bleaching technique and color but I get to know and feel what it looks like on me. What do you think of my hair color? 

Have you experienced hair bleaching before? 

Wednesday, December 2, 2020


These are the keys points when taking your blood pressure at home using Brielle arm type blood pressure monitor:

  • Sit correctly. Sit with your back straight and supported (preferably on a chair, instead of  a sofa). Making sure your feet flat on the floor and your legs should not be crossed. Your arm should be placed on a flat surface (such as a table) with the upper arm at heart level. Make sure the bottom of the cuff is positioned directly above the bend of the elbow. You can check your monitor's instructions for a guide. 
  • Be steady. Do not drink any beverage that contains caffeine and do not smoke prior to taking you blood pressure. A ball park of 30 minutes should be considered of the gap before taking the reading. Make sure you bladder is empty.
  • Measure it every day at the same time. It is very important to take the reading each day, making sure that it is taken the same time every day, morning and evening are the most preferred time to take it. Your healthcare provider will instruct you on how long you will need to monitor your blood pressure, prior to medication, a two-week reading is a must, up until your next medical check-up visit. It is required not to take your BP over clothes.
  • Record your blood pressure results and if needed take multiple readings. For each measure, take a couple or up to three readings with a minute apart and write down the results, you can use and online tracker using an app of a mobile phone note recorder or printable forms. 

Brielle BM130 automatic arm type blood pressure monitor as a built-in 90 memory each for two users, convenient to two users. It also has a guide that shows the reading type that is based on the visual color range. Also has arrhythmia detection for every each reading. 
This monitor can be brought to your appointments to show it to your doctor. Make sure that the readings on the monitor are based on your store profile. This can be set up too. 

We bought this BRIELLE BM130 AUTOMATIC ARM TYPE Blood Pressure Monitor Watsons last November 30 for Php1560/ $31, and they gave us freebies of one pump bottle of hand soap lavender scent and 5 pcs face mask.

AHA Recommendation

The American Heart Association recommends home monitoring for all people with high blood pressure to help the healthcare provider determine whether treatments are working. Home monitoring (self-measured blood pressure) is not a substitute for regular visits to your physician. If you have been prescribed medication to lower your blood pressure, don't stop taking your medication without consulting your doctor, even if your blood pressure readings are in the normal range during home monitoring.

Blood pressure chart