Wednesday, November 18, 2020



After my last DIY haircut I decided to cut again my hair and this time it was my bangs!
For a change and something new to play with I cut my bangs 8 inches short and look what happened? 

I was thinking for a more shorter bangs but after my first cut I was a bit satisfied, but for some I cut it too short, haha! My hair can grow back very quick, hair cut or hair style is not permamnet

I liked it and I am loving the style, after 24 hrs I was able to style it more. 

What do you think of my DIY haircut?

Can you suggest any style for this kind of bangs? 

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  1. You are brave. I had some "not so good" DIY hair experiences in college and was told that I am never allowed to color or cut my hair again. lol. Yours looks great.