Friday, August 14, 2020

How to cook Ginataang Barilyete or Skipjack Tuna in coconut milk

Ginataang Barilyete (Skipjack tuna) is a Filipino dish where fish is cooked in simmering vinegar (Pinaksiw style) poured with coconut milk with ginger, onions, garlic, whole pepper corn, green long chilis and leafy vegetables like petchay or eggplant or a combination of both.

I highly recommend this dish is you love coconut-base food, this will certainly put your cravings satisfied! 

I remember growing up with this kind of cooking from my grandmother who loves to cook "ginataang isda" for lunch on weekends. She was the one who taught me and I learned a lot from her about cooking this kind of dish. I can consider this as a hand-over dish that goes by tradition. 

You can replace the Skipjack tuna with any meaty or white fish like "Tilapya" or "Tulingan" and the result would be the same and as yummy as this one. You can follow this simple recipe and you can try cooking this in your kitchen. 

For this dish the ingredients I've used are as follows:

1- whole Barilyete fish (Skipjack tuna), approx. one kilo 
3- tbsp vinegar 
1-whole red onion, slice
4- cloves garlic, slice
1-teaspoon black pepper corn
ginger, peeled and cut thinly
2-cups coconut milk

Direction for cooking:

1. Place the whole fish in a large cooking pan. Add vinegar, onion, garlic, peppercorn, ginger and chilis.
2. Bring to a boil them lower the fire to simmer. Do not stir, let the fish cook in the vinegar. Cover. Leave for 15 minutes.
3. By this time you can add the coconut milk in low heat, cover and make sure to check on the fish and drizzle the coconut milk on top of the fish. 
4. Avoid turning the fish to the other side. You need to take some time to coat the top portion of the fish with boiling coconut milk.
5. Cover and let it simmer in low heat, add salt or fish sauce (optional).
6. When the coconut milk turned into curd your Ginataan is cooked already! 

This dish is best paired with steamed white rice. In some ginataan cooking tradition, it is best eaten the next day- as the coconut milk of the gata infused it's flavor in the fish. 

I hope you can try out this Filipino dish and cook your own version based on my recipe. :) 


  1. I never made tuna with milk or actually any other fish. looks pretty awesome. wanna try now

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  6. Theinsightmedia.comAugust 16, 2020 at 5:23 AM

    You really learnt well from your grandmother. and i know you will make a good grandmother. me i love cooking, is in my blood. i think i will search the listed materials in my local market so can try it out..

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