Sunday, March 22, 2020

Laughing with Catriona Gray

This new video, “One Minute with Catriona Gray” had us entertained and laughing our stress away. 2018 Ms. Universe Catriona Gray and BDO created the video as part of their “Find Your Way” campaign to inspire Millennials to enjoy life while finding their own paths to their dreams and aspirations.

While watching the video, we see Catriona truly enjoying herself during her Q&A interview. In fact, she laughs practically after every question in the first couple of seconds. She doesn’t only give us delightful snippets, glimpses, and trivia about herself but also shows us the lighter, funnier side of life. Who knew this beauty queen is devoted to adobo and halo-halo? Or that french fries are her cheat day fave?

She calls herself “such a lola” for preferring to stay home on a Saturday night and laughs a bright, hearty laugh with a sparkle in her eyes as she plays with different accents. If a person’s laugh is a window to her soul and personality, then Catriona’s would seem to show that she’s easy-going, confident, and open to life’s possibilities. Her laughter rings with such a free-spirited vibe that is at the same time sincere and authentic.

During the video, she also talks about how important it is for each person, millennials like her in particular, to find their own way in life--whether it be for success and achievement, for relationships, or personal happiness.

She tells us to stop comparing ourselves with others and seek our own path, go through our own journey--that way, what we attain in the end is true to our real selves. And we can do it in as fun and joyful a manner as Catriona does!

We don’t need to be a beauty queen or some other celebrity to savor the joys of life. Genuine, deep-down joy and laughter are for us to experience no matter who we are, and even if we’re facing challenging circumstances. Sometimes, really, it takes a giggle, or an outright laugh, to get us through stressful moments.

So yes, go ahead and look at life’s lighter, brighter, and funny side. You can do it (and perhaps laugh exactly like Catriona, if you want to)! Start by watching this video collaboration of Catriona Gray and BDO: you’ll be smiling and even laughing, and be refreshed and optimistic about life again.

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  1. Catriona is so adorable. Se acts and behave like a real queen.

  2. I would want to see more of Catriona on TV. Hope she will have more appearances on TV.