Friday, March 6, 2020

Crazy Skin Lifting Mask + Eye Cream- Korean Glass Skin? | First Impression

My first impression on this Crazy Skin lifting face mask and eye cream!

I got this Crazy Skin lifting face mask and eye cream at the Sampleroom website a few months back, this is a free product which a member can purchase using accumulated points in exchange with the available products on their site. This came along with the rest of the products that were available at that time. 

At Sampleroom the products are free, I only paid for the shipping cost. Crazy Skin face mask is available at all leading beauty stores and department stores for Php150/ $3 per pack. 

The pack has two steps to follow.

Applying the Crazy Lifting Mask tencel sheet. I am not quite sure if the tencel sheet and the face mask should be applied at the same time. Since there were no instructions for it and I don't want to waste the essence from the tencel I applied it both.

There's a lot left essence in the pack and decided to apply it on the mask.
Leaving the essence for 8 minutes and removed the sheets.

Peeling off the tencel sheet with a semi-dried essence. I rubbed in the remaining essence that was in the top layer mask to dry for another 10-minutes.
After 10 minutes this was my face looks; dry and sticky.
The essence that dried up in my neck looks very weird, as you can see, ugh! 
After rinsing off the dried essence which was very easy to do, my skin feels soft and fresh.
The second step of this Crazy Skin care pack is the eye cream.
Tearing the bottom portion of the mask for the eye cream pack.

This is what the cream consistency looks like.

Applying it first on the sides of my eyes, giving emphasis on the lines and crows feet which was very evident when smiling.
Although it says in the pack that it's an eye cream, it can also be applied on the whole face.
The cream was light but it left a greasy feel. It did not absorb easily.
After applying all the cream on my face I massage by tapping it lightly. 

My overall experience with Crazy Skin Lifting face mask and eye cream:
  1. The scent was nice it doesn't have that strong sting smell of the essence.
  2. Using the tencel sheet and the face mask can be so intriguing at first.
  3. When the essence dried-up the skin feels tight especially around the eyelids, side of the lips, forehead, and neck area.
  4. It is quite messy to apply.
  5. Easy when rinsing off.
  6. The eye cream left a greasy feel, the scent of the cream has a hint of a floral scent.
Overall, claiming to have a Korean glass skin when used, maybe with continuous use of this mask you can achieve that claim, not with one or single-use only.

I would love to continue using this product in the future and add this to my weekly mask beauty regimen. 

Have you tried this before, what was the experience? 

For full video watch here> 


  1. I have heard so much about Korean skin care products and how effective they are. I need to update my routine so i might try this mask.

  2. I haven't tried anything like this, but I would. I could use all the help I can get. I'm glad the scent is nice!

  3. Hmmm, did you feel like it accomplished the goal of lifting the skin and hydrating your eyes? I look for products that do better than what they say it will.

  4. This sounds like a really interesting mask and eye cream, it sounds like would feel really strange while it is working but it is great that you feel your skin felt so soft after.

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  10. Ice Cream n Sticky FingersMarch 8, 2020 at 4:53 AM

    I've never used a mask on my face. I do suffer from occasional acne so I am thinking that a charcoal mask would help a ton. I'll have to look into them and give it a try.

  11. Thanks for this easy tutorial. This seems to be a very efficient mask that I should try!

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