Monday, February 10, 2020

Car Repair and Services Can Be Done at Home with RepairSmith

***This is a sponsored post, this article is written by me, opinions and views are 100% mine.

Our time is mostly occupied with everything around us, although there are many ways to plan and organize your time and schedule there are times that the time you have is so limited. As a working Mom, I can relate to this! As much as I wanted to have things done on time, it is sometimes impossible and I know you all will agree to this. Thankfully, some things you need can be done in just a few taps on your phone. From food delivery services to medicine and now car services can be provided easily. 

Let me focus on this one area that I always find it very tedious to deal with when our vehicle dies down all of a sudden. This area is my Achilles heel and my stress level would reach its peak when it comes to car repairs. I remember one time I need to drop off the kids to school and pick them up in the afternoon and drive them to their sports practice our car did not start. All I have that time was two kids complaining and a non-working car, I can't imagine things not done on time and making the kids upset about the situation.

My weakest point in an area where I couldn't process quick, but thankfully, there is this car service that can tend to my emergency car needs in an instant. I found one car repair service in my area and they are offering home service.

RepairSmith offers repair and car maintenance. They repair directly to your driveways or if needed they can service your vehicle in the nearest service shop located in your area. 

More about this company's services:
  • Any car service needs like oil-change to major car services needed.
  • They offer upfront pricing.
  • Online booking.
  • After-hours support.
  • Service warranty.
  • 12-month | 12,000mile warranty 
  • 7 Days a week service availability

Currently, RepairSmith services the Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, as well as the Bay Area and Sacramento. And, they have plans to roll out to other major cities this year. 


As a Mom, the most basic thing I consider of getting any service I need is the budget. I cannot go over-board budget-wise. Although, I can budget on car maintenance which is very much needed when it comes to sudden car repairs and services can drain the budget. So picking what is best and matches one's budget is necessary. 

Consider customer feedback, this is where you can get a reliable source for service. 

Consider that services can be done within your location, convenience is the key especially for busy Moms like us. 

Fast service, you wouldn't want to wait for hours and hours for the service you need. 

Based on what I saw on RepairSmith's website they provide these things. 
So next time I'd be needing any car service fast and convenient I will surely try RepairSmith! 

Have you tried their service before? Let me know your story. 


  1. How convenient is this?! I'd much rather do house chores than sit around at the car service shop.

  2. Getting repair work on the car is always an ordeal. Finding honest competent mechanics is so important. I hope they come to my area.

  3. This is great! I really have to prioritize keeping my car in good shape since I rely on it for so many long trips.

  4. This is a fantastic service and I have yet to try it but didn't know about it until now. I am for sure going to give this a try.

  5. I'll keep these in mind. I hate when I have car issues. I'll check out RepairSmith for sure.

  6. I've actually never tried this service before. It sounds really amazing though and handy.

  7. Kristine Nicole AlessandraFebruary 12, 2020 at 5:01 AM

    This is a good service to have on hand when you need it. I used to be able to troubleshoot and change tires, but I guess I got older and my body is not as strong as it was. I will check if we have a RepairSmith in my area. Will sign up asap if we do!

  8. UGH car maintenance its brutal and repairs are even worse. Just spent $800 yesterday on my stupid bloody car actually. Any ways to cut the costs on that is welcome here.

  9. I have a repair smith - IE: my husband. LOL! He legit knows how to do everything and I am so lucky to have him!!!! Now if I didn't have him, I would DEFINITELY look into this service and you know what?! I feel like I still should!

  10. This sounds like a great service for those who can't get their car to a repair shop or simply don't have the time to do so. Thanks for introducing us to them.

  11. This sounds like a terrific service! I wish they had it here.

  12. This is such an important topic to discuss and know where to get your care repair services done. We have family who help keep our cars maintained but when they can't help I always love good service at a car dealership or car service garage here in my area.

  13. Mama Maggie's KitchenFebruary 12, 2020 at 6:29 PM

    RepairSmith sounds amazing! This service can surely help us save time and effort on going to repair shops. Thanks for sharing!

  14. This is such an amazing service and very convenient to us busy people out there. Repairing is a very hassle things to do if we're didn't know what to do. Thank you for sharing this.

  15. Sounds like a promising and thriving company. You're right, we are all stucked in our schedules and really don't have the luxury of dealing with car issues. I will give them a green light.

  16. Now that is really convenient. I hate having to get my car towed when it is broken down.