Friday, December 20, 2019


My recent Lazada shopping haul last 12.12 fever was all about skincare. I was able to get great deals before the last hours of the promo. Although, I did have some specific products in mind to check that day, as always I did some comparison especially with the formulation and the price, the most important factor when going shopping online. 

Since I am due to re-stock my skincare products I am using I decided to go through my purchase and also try this product from Garnier. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water with Argan Oil my first dibs on this product that targets the skin, removing waterproof make-up that is very stubborn when it's time to remove. 

As mentioned, this is my first time to try this brand and product although Garnier has been in the market already. They have a lot of skincare line that caters to all types of skin. I have tried applying and using concentrated Argan Oil from a different brand before and I like that experience too. And, this being incorporated in Micellar cleansing water as a makeup remover, really sounds interesting. 

Kindly check the video upload I made but apologies for the English caption as it did not save from the editing.

Noticed the liquid and the oil in the bottle separates when not in use. You need to shake the content for the two to combine. The liquid, when applied to the cotton has this tinge of yellowish color, with the scent, it has a hint of flowery which is very light- no strong alcohol scent,  it also doesn't have any sticky feel. 

I have tried other brands of Micellar water but I was a little disappointed with the formulation because some have alcohol which stings my eyes when I use it for eye makeup. With this Garnier Micellar with Argan Oil, no sting at all! 

It feels light and removes makeup easily, I feel like all I applied to my face was flowery scented water! And, it says no-rinse needed, another plus points.

I have been using this now for 5 consecutive nights and I am quite satisfied. I did I made the right choice. 

This contains 400ml for 200 applications (depends on the amount per use) for the price of Php349/ $7. 

Let me know your thoughts on this product? 


  1. I've always loved Garnier products. Didn't know they had this one. It's inexpensive too.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. It seems like this is a good product. I have used other Garnier product before, I will give this one a try.

  3. Garnier is my go-to beauty company. They've proven time and time again that their products are top quality, specifically for my skin type (dry AF).

  4. I use this product too, it is great and works well at getting eye-makeup off. Great for when travelling I have a smaller size one and all you need is some cotton pads and travel light!

  5. I have this make up cleaner, its so good. My has some pink color and really removes make up so good!

  6. Looks like a great cleanser! I've been looking for some good quality skincare!

  7. Argan Oil is so good for you! I had not seen this Garnier version before. I will look for it!

  8. I enjoy Garnier products and actually had no idea they made facial cleansers. As someone who wears makeup, I will have to give this a try. I like Garnier products because they tend to be very budget friendly. I will look for it when I go shopping again.

  9. I am not familiar with Garnier products. I'll have to give their items a try some time. I tend to be very cautious about what I use on my face, but it sounds like it has worked well for you!

  10. As much as I haven't heard about this product, it looks really good and I would love to try it out.