Thursday, December 26, 2019

Merry Christmas to All!

Some of the photos I took from our travel a few days before Christmas. 
Sending you all my holiday cheer, Merry Christmas! 

Friday, December 20, 2019


My recent Lazada shopping haul last 12.12 fever was all about skincare. I was able to get great deals before the last hours of the promo. Although, I did have some specific products in mind to check that day, as always I did some comparison especially with the formulation and the price, the most important factor when going shopping online. 

Since I am due to re-stock my skincare products I am using I decided to go through my purchase and also try this product from Garnier. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water with Argan Oil my first dibs on this product that targets the skin, removing waterproof make-up that is very stubborn when it's time to remove. 

As mentioned, this is my first time to try this brand and product although Garnier has been in the market already. They have a lot of skincare line that caters to all types of skin. I have tried applying and using concentrated Argan Oil from a different brand before and I like that experience too. And, this being incorporated in Micellar cleansing water as a makeup remover, really sounds interesting. 

Kindly check the video upload I made but apologies for the English caption as it did not save from the editing.

Noticed the liquid and the oil in the bottle separates when not in use. You need to shake the content for the two to combine. The liquid, when applied to the cotton has this tinge of yellowish color, with the scent, it has a hint of flowery which is very light- no strong alcohol scent,  it also doesn't have any sticky feel. 

I have tried other brands of Micellar water but I was a little disappointed with the formulation because some have alcohol which stings my eyes when I use it for eye makeup. With this Garnier Micellar with Argan Oil, no sting at all! 

It feels light and removes makeup easily, I feel like all I applied to my face was flowery scented water! And, it says no-rinse needed, another plus points.

I have been using this now for 5 consecutive nights and I am quite satisfied. I did I made the right choice. 

This contains 400ml for 200 applications (depends on the amount per use) for the price of Php349/ $7. 

Let me know your thoughts on this product? 

Monday, December 9, 2019

My Birthday Week + Hair Chopped Short + So Natural All Day Tight Make Up Setting FIXX

December, to me, is one of the most important months of the year for several reasons. It's my birth month, Christmas Day, and by the end of it comes New Year. It is also one of the longest vacation time because of the holiday season. Family and friends can meet-up for a reunion and get-togethers. To start this month, I will be celebrating my birthday before the weekend, another year older and a lot of things to be grateful for.

My birthday greeting plate from last year and excited for the coming one. <3 

To start my birthday week, I finally decided to chop my hair short. I have been so eager to have or get something different before my birthday. Initially, I wanted to shave or get an undercut hairstyle, I felt a little skeptical with that so, I went a little tamer.

I have never had my hair this short, I was afraid that it won't fit with the shape of my chubby face. Nevertheless, I did it! I was motivated to have it cut and the thought of it will grow back again soon made me said yes to the hairdresser when she asked me the last time about the length she was going to chop. I firmly said, yes, it will grow back again! She cut 12-inches off my hair. I felt excited while she was cutting it, I immediately knew how and what to style with it every day, I had a clear picture on my mind. I really liked it!

A little trivia, it's been fifteen years or so since the last time I went to the salon for a haircut! When it comes to cutting and coloring my hair, I DIY!

An update on the haircut, it has been 48 hours since I had my hair cut, my first time to showered and washed my hair was a little new. It was easy for me to wash my hair that uses up an amount of full hair shampoo and conditioner. Easy for me to dry my hair and especially to style it. I also noticed that I don't have much hair loss than before. Overall, it is so manageable!

To go along with my new hairstyle, I tested this So Natural All Day Tight Make Up Setting FIXX. 

So Natural All Day Tight Make Up Setting FIXX it claims to prevent makeup smudge and clumping when applied throughout the day.
Having super fine and an even mist that will keep you looking fresh with no need to touch up during the day. Ranked as #1 Beauty+ 2018 Editor's Pick. 

Seoulunni Philippines was so kind and send me a bottle to try.

Seoulunni Philippines was so kind and send me a bottle to try. My initial thoughts on this product.

I opened the sealed cap and sprayed it on the back of my hand, I think the reason why it was so liquidy when I sprayed it because forgot to shake the bottle. I rubbed the liquid product onto the skin and instantly absorbed, it doesn't leave any sticky feeling, it has a powdery scent. 

After a few minutes, I shook the bottle and sprayed the product mist onto my face. Unlike, other makeup setting spray, with watery formula, this mist type spray doesn't irritate my eyes and doesn't ruin the eye makeup. Generally, this has been my concern with makeup setting spray. 

I will be fieldwork tomorrow and will give this product a test with sun exposure. I hope this will live up to what it claims and again pass to my test. 

This product sells at SeoulUnni, regular price Php1015/ US$20 with a marked down price of Php700/ US$14.

Update: when I used it for the second time, the scent was a little has a tinge of ammonia scent when sprayed. But, the mattifying effect was just beautiful! Although, after, 8 hours wearing it in a humid condition, it did notice some wearing off on the eye makeup, and also in the forehead as I was wiping it because of sweat. I think this will work perfectly worn indoors. In summary, I like the product because it is light to apply and easy to use.