Friday, November 29, 2019

How to Make your Old Watch Look New Again

The other day I was checking on my dresser and had the time to look at my watch box. Apart from my everyday wear watches for work and for other occasions I have this watch box where I store my rarely worn watches. To my surprise, I have this old leather strap wristwatch that has been sitting for a couple of years or so. I remember placing it there due to the worn-out strap. 

I had this watch for around 15 years old or so, it was given to me as a gift. Although this is categorized as a men's watch because of the size of the dial or the face, this can be worn unisex. 
You can see in the photo the combination of the gold, white, and the leather strap complement each other, looking at it as a simple dress watch yet an elegant piece because of the gold bezel to the crown down to the lug ends, including the hands with the hour and minutes with reflectorized ends.

I was able to have the old worn-out leather strap replaced yesterday and I glad to find an almost exact color and style. 

Check out where and what strap I picked from Asprey House of Straps in SM City Olongapo Central. 

Asprey House of Straps in SM City Olongapo Central
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Upon checking on the display I automatically saw the display from the third layer in the stall. My initial pick was almost the same as the old one but it was a little bigger in the length of the lug.  

Options were shown to me and after a few mix and match of colors, from tan to black to a colorful red I retained to get the nearest color and style as the old one.  

As you can see the condition of the worn-out leather strap excuse me because it looked a bit nasty with the grim on the leather strap. But it did serve me well for more than 15 years! I also retained the original buckle. The clerk also offered to replace the old spring bar as it slightly bent already. 

What I got was the Asprey Veloci style, Horween genuine leather. The pair of the strap is Php950/ US$20. 

I can wear my watch again looking like new, although there are minimal signs of scratches on the glass and on the side of the bezel, it still looks classic and chic. 

Btw, this is an automatic watch, no batteries needed for replacement. Automatic watches will work and charged by movement. Every morning when I wear this I need to check the time and date, I have to wind it up and update it. This I guess is the disadvantage side of an automatic watch.

Also, I have read that if you are not going to wear this kind of watch for a period you need to manually wind it every two weeks.

How to make your old watch look new again? 

  1. Replace old strap to a new one.
  2. Clean the bezel or the case of the watch by using a damp cloth with liquid or gentle soap. 
  3. Always wipe your watch after use to dry off the water, sweat, or any other liquid residue.
  4. Avoid applying chemicals to the leather straps. 
  5. Polish gold strap with desired polish cleaner.
  6. If battery-operated, make sure the battery is not leaking to prevent the mechanical damage. 

Do you have any other tips and tricks on how to care for your watch? Shoot me a comment below. 


  1. A fantastic way to put your watch back almost completely with new ideas!

  2. That is a very nice way to give a watch a new life. It definitely needed it, seeing the state of the old strap.

  3. Great idea! I never would have considered this and probably would have just thrown it out rather than re-storing it.

  4. Oh nice, I have a watch I need to clean. I will try out your tips for sure.

  5. What an amazing change! I love renewing old stuff, and making them look like they're new!

  6. Oh wow that's super smart, what a great way to make it look like new. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  7. I love that they put the new band on. That makes things so much easier.

  8. I have never heard of an automatic watch before! That is cool that you can go to a store to get a new strap fitted. I don't think we have a store like that where I live.

  9. I have a watch that needs to be repaired but I have no idea what it needs. I am not in a hurry because watches give me a rash on my wrist if I wear them all day. I am glad you found a new strap.

  10. A great idea to update an older watch. The band looks so nice.

  11. It is fairly easy to get a strap replaced. It does make an old watch look new again.

  12. Super clever!! I wear an Apple watch and was just talking about wanting to swap out the band.

  13. I feel like this was directed at me. I have been wearing the same watch for years...not because it looks good but because it's useful. Step counter, messages, etc... all on my watch. Time for a new band.

  14. Love the spirit of recycling the old and making it as good as new :). Thanks for the reminder!

  15. This is great! Your watch looks brand new, and lovely. Great tips as well. Thanks for sharing.

    Stephanie S.@ crazylittlelovebirds

  16. This is so amazing. I always tell my kids, we can use what we have and make them new. I will share that post with them.

  17. It's an absolutely gorgeous watch. I think it's fab that they can be updated so easily and look as good as new. It's such a shame we can't do that with everything!

    Louise x

  18. Sounds so fantastic! I've never thought it was possible to make old match look new!