Saturday, October 12, 2019

How Ready Are You This Coming Black Friday Sale?

The word shopping was revolutionized when it comes to the general assumption of it. I remember back then when you talk about the word shopping it is and always interconnected to women who spend time browsing to clothing and other home essentials in a shopping mall. It was the women who invest and spend the most time in the mall. You can always correlate shopping as getting stuff at a much lower price because of the deals and marked-down. 

Years passed, as long as you have the budget and the means to buy what you need shopping can go down to any member of the family. Alongside it, technology was injected into shopping.  You can find deals and items just by browsing through the web, more so, with just a tap on your mobile phone, shopping sites are available through a mobile application. That is how efficient, reliable and easy you can buy items you need. More likely you can get the idea of what is to expect because shops are all over social media, it is widely promoted! 

What kind of shopper are you?

Are you that kind of impulsive of a buyer or are you like me who mostly based shopping on deals and sale items?  

I am a wise-shopper when it comes to items that we don't normally consume; like food, toiletries, laundry products. For electronics, furniture, and gadgets which I always consider as add-ons when it comes to spending. You don't need to buy a gadget every single month or a piece of furniture every week, a year or two can withstand an updated gadget especially for mobile phones. Electronics such as a television set can last you for 4-5 years tops needed for a replacement or an upgrade. For this year, we are crossing-out to getting a new tv as we just purchased early this year from a Duty-Free summer sale!

Thanksgiving is around the corner and what's next after this gathering? The Black Friday frenzy! 

Black Friday Sale is the biggest and wildest sale ever, to date! It is the nation's largest shopping event. Hundreds and hundreds of stories evolving Black Friday chaos due to unruly scenarios of customers because of the deals they wanted to get. Black Friday sale became chaotic and somehow "deadly" as you can see on the news, hundreds of people flock to shopping stores to hustle items that are on the drop-down sale. Most items they aim for the technology, kitchen wares, branded clothing items, to even the smallest things you can see in the store that you know you can get as low or most like almost free! This is the best time to get items for Christmas presents. 

I used to make a list of stores who releases ads for this event, my favorite stores are Costco, Target, Macy's and Walmart, and ULTA Beauty

For many years, it was common for retailers to open at 6:00 a.m., some even opened at midnight, so shoppers do camp out for just to be first in line when the door opens. This is yet the pro-tip on getting ahead of others. When you go online you need to know when is the beginning of the sale of each store. 

I also make it a point that I find time read and research on ways to help me go through this, one resource that I found online is on Slickdeals, they listed out very important details for shoppers' as guide. 

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So, how ready are you this coming Black Friday? Always remember be a wise shopper and enjoy the coming holidays! 

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  1. I love shopping black Friday! People watching is so much fun and the sales are amazing!!