Saturday, September 28, 2019

TECH NEWS: Right X for you but BIGGER and BETTER

In celebration of MyPhone’s 12th Anniversary, the first Filipino phone brand is back at its game and released its BIGGER and BETTER Octa-core Android phone.

Introducing the all new, upgraded, and definitely the right X for every Filipino, myX12, the brand’s first-ever smartphone to feature a dewdrop display.

It is the best-ever smartphone yet MyPhone has ever released this year. With the internal specifications of 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM, this is surely what every Ka-Tropa should not miss.

It provides eXtreme speed, secure and reliable eXperience, and eXtraordinary non-stop connectivity all in trendy looking device.

According to MyPhone’s Vice President Kevin Tan, myX12 will be the talk-of-the-town once released in the market.

“This smartphone will leave everyone in awe not just because of the quality of the phone, but because of how MyPhone came with an upgraded smartphone at a very affordable price that not just our target market can afford, but also other classes,” he explained.

Kevin Tan also revealed that the market of MyPhone has played a huge role during the development of myX12.

“With the overwhelming requests from our market, I think this is the right time to release the best yet MyPhone could offer,” he said. “Coping with how the technology goes right now is something MyPhone kept an eye on,” he added.

eXtreme Processing Speed

The new MyPhone myX12 has an Octa-core technology, paired with an upgraded 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM that will give an eXtreme processing speed. Everyone can enjoy playing games without any interruption or without having to kill other applications running in the background.

Switching back and forth to any social media applications will also not be a problem; be it games, mobile browsing, multi-tasking application and more.

With 64GB storage capacity (expandable up to 128GB), every Ka-Tropa can enjoy capturing more photos and install countless applications.

eXtraodinary and Non-stop Connectivity

With MyPhone myX12, connectivity will never be a problem as it is supported by Dual 4G-enabled SIM slots and a Wi-Fi connectivity.

Dual SIM slots enable every user enjoy a fast and reliable connectivity without the possibility of switching from one network to another.

Equipped with 3500mAh battery capacity, myX12 also offers an all-day mobile eXperience for every user.

eXcellent Design

MyPhone myX12 has a trendy design that will definitely catch every Filipino’s eye, especially the young ones and young-at-heart with its shiny blue-green gradient finish named as Nebular Blue. It also has an outstanding 6.26” 19:9 HD+ IPS Full-lamination eXtended Display and a dewdrop notch that every Ka-Tropa can enjoy mobile eXperience Beyond eXtraordinary.

eXciting Photo Captures

MyPhone myX12 also offers an eXciting capturing capability with its pair of cameras. It has a 13MP dual rear camera with Sony sensor, equipped with a “Bokeh Effect” that lets you blur the background of your subject matter and built-in LED flash.

Enhance your images with Beauty Effect and take beautified selfie with myX12’s 5 MP front camera.

eXtra Features

MyPhone is uniquely iconic. With their pre-embedded application designed for every Filipino, the Pinoy App,where every MyPhone users can access exclusive contents like prayers, jokes, bugtong and exclusive promotions from the Pinoy phone brand.

In addition, myX12 has fingerprint scanner as one of its security features and an IR blaster.

On the other hand, MyPhone users are entitled to a free 1-year coverage of P25,000 Personal Accident Insurance in partnership with Sun Life Philippines and GCash.

“This is just the start of something new, eXtremely good offer to every Filipinos who have supported MyPhone for the past 12 years, as long as they are there, MyPhone will still stood up and offer an innovative yet budget-friendly devices for every ka-Tropa”, Marketing Head Inyi Yruma said.

MyPhone myX12 is available at MyPhone stores, kiosks and mobile stores nationwide for an affordable price of P5,499 only. myX12 is also available online at

For more details, visit or like and follow MyPhone’s Official Facebook Page at

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Deals I Got from Lazada 9.9 Sale!

Yes, I got lured and shopped online from the 9.9 Lazada Sale! Eventhough, I am proud of myself because I was able to stick to my budget and got the items I needed. Actually, my main goal was to get some make-up items that I am running out of, and that is some bottles of liquid foundation and mascara. 

But, I did spend some time roughly an hour or so, browsing through the sale pages, items that they marked on sale, and also items that are under the 9.9 deals...there were tons! 

Since I am on budget as much as I wanted to buy stuff, I am not capable to do so. Nevertheless, I am happy with what I got from the 9.9 deals. And, as of this writing, I got a message that my parcel will be delivered today! A week earlier than the scheduled dates posted upon purchase. 

I stick with my everyday makeup essentials, drugstore makeup as you can call it. Maybelline has been my go-to makeup brands for years now. I love how the products under this brand suit my skin and also, of course, the price is so reasonable! 

I was surprised to get additional discounts and even more discount upon checkout so I decided to go back to my cart and add one more bottle of liquid foundation, haha! 

Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara in black, waterproof, smudge-proof (Php149/ USD3). 
This will be my first time to try this mascara and I am excited with the product. I do have some other mascara brand that isn't waterproof. 

Next is the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation 30ml in the shade of #220-Natural Beige, (Php 195.51/ USD4).
This one is my all-time favorite liquid foundation and the shade really compliments my skin tone. For me, it is doing very well when applied as is without any other foundation and powder on. It can last up to 9 hours when applied in an air-conditioned room. It has this powdery feel when applied using a makeup brush. 

Let's go to the pricing and the deals I got. 

I got both of the items on half the price, with sub-total of Php735.53, with free shipping. 
An additional discount from the promotion + the platform promotion + the payment mode voucher (payment made under GCASH 9.9 code), all in all, I got four items of Maybelline products for Php501.96 only! I am a HAPPY customer!

I am so happy to be able to buy my everyday makeup essentials on a much cheaper price than going to the mall. And, by the way, all the items I got are authentic as I purchased it under the flagship store of Maybelline at Lazada app. One of the app I cannot go without on my phone which I can considered as a costumer success software

What I like about Lazada shopping site is the customer service along with hundreds of items you can choose from I can contact and get a feedback on the orders I made, this is my personal experience. 

I will be updating this post once I got the items. :)

Were you able to steal a good deal from the last 9.9 online-sale? 

After writing this post, my package is already here! It took only 48 hours upon ordering and they finally delivered it, in good condition, and properly wrapped. Although I know what products I ordered, I am always eager to see what's inside the box, ha! 


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

What You Need to Know About Data Quality

On, this post, I will be talking about "data" in general and going down to the business side of it. I am no expert when it comes to the deeper sense of data and data managing especially the business aspect of it, but I will try my best to share what I know from my research.

Data is the core figure of certain information, it is being collected manually or electronically. It is also a measurement of certain qualitative and quantitative values of information being shown in the business likewise in personal use. Data is an important factor because it will give you that initial insight into what you need to know and what you need to learn on a specific subject or information. 

Once a sum of data has been collected, a researcher can begin analyzing and give more in-depth work needed. Data management can go for as simple as separating two identifiable terms like male or female, to age-groupings, to a more complex variable of sales for business; whether it is small or large companies. When you talk about business, data are being collected and gathered to know the financial outcome, produced materials and also manpower data. This is where your decisions will be based.
"Data is measured, collected and reported, and analyzed, whereupon it can be visualized using graphs, images or other analysis tools."

"The first English use of the word "data" is from the 1640s. The word "data" was first used to mean "transmissible and storable computer information" in 1946. The expression "data processing" was first used in 1954"

Based on the figure shown, data is the foundation and the hierarchy where data is at the bottom level. Good data quality means the good output of the study, giving you a piece of good information on your study or research. 

How can you improve data quality? There are a lot of ways to improve data quality, a precise, concrete study is the way to achieve this, and this time you can consult some more knowledgable expert.

Data quality management companies can help you put your business into a much better position, putting your A-game and allowing adjustments in certain areas of your business.

You can consult on how to; Accelerate Digital Transformation, Enable Data Governance and Compliance, Leverage the Cloud, and Put your Analytics and Insights to Work.

The key components to putting your business in a more profitable, income-generating, social-friendly and, also making an impact on each member of the team. 
Moreso, know the ins and outs of the business, talk to your people, be involved, there is no successful business that your people alone are managing it. You need to be hands-on and knowledgable with the numbers. 

Do your research when consulting to professional data management services, set a goal and balance your funding when seeking professional help for your business. 

At the end of the day, you can always see the big picture of what your business will be looking like in the coming days.