Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Affordable hair straightener in the market

Did you wake up one morning with a bad hair day (literally!). I remember seeing myself in the mirror one morning with my hair as messy as the lion's hair. Everything was all over the place, making my head looks so big. This has been somehow a struggle for me having that natural wavy and dry hair. 
It has been years since I stopped going to the salon to have my chemically treated for a hair rebond to straighten my wavy hair since I noticed the thinning of the hair growth especially in the top part of my head, leaving it looking bald with hair sparse. 

I sometimes iron my hair just to lessen the frizzy look and sometimes styling it with curls and waves using the hair iron, just to look presentable and neat at work. I have this 8-year-old hair straighter which gave up life last week. The plastic handle got brittle and eventually damaging the wiring inside. I thought of not buying a new one and see if I can handle my everyday hair look with unruly waves and curls, but I gave in. I finally decided to get a new one, thanks to my daughter who convinced and gave me the money to buy! :)

I followed the budget I had last week and went to Watson's to purchase their brand hair straightener for Php1,199 ($23). 

Watsons Hair Straightener
Model No.: HC-60A
Color: Black
Dual voltage
Maximum temperature of 200C
Parts: Heated plates on both sides (Ceramic coated plates)
Power ON/OFF switch
Power indicator

Lightweight compared to the one I previously owned.
The cord at the end rotates thus avoiding the rest of the cord be twisted while using it. Although the temperature cannot be adjusted using on and off button can do the trick.

I used the hair iron twice already and the initial use impressed me! It minimizes the frizzy and natural waves of my hair in just minutes, doing the sectioning of hair can provide you an easy and good result, always start at the back going to the front part of your hair. 

There were other brands of hair tools for straightening use but I relied on the price specifically and really go with the budget I have. 

I will be updating this blog post in the coming days to update the efficiency and how the tool will work in the next use. 

For now, I am quite happy and satisfied with it. 


  1. Love the before and after! So smooth! I can’t believe it’s so affordable! My Chi was like $300

  2. Thanks for the recommendation and honest review about these hair straightener. I will definitely going to buy one for my partner

  3. It did a good job! My hair is curly so making it go straight is often a lot of work. Good to know this one will do a nice job and is cost effective.

  4. Very nice! This looks like a very reliable straightener to use for my natural hair. Great article!

  5. This sounds like a great tool! I am unable to use a straightener for now since my hair is so long and thick/curly.

  6. I really like that this straightener is lightweight. My current flat iron is so heavy that it makes it a little hard to use and maneuver through my hair.