Friday, May 31, 2019

When is the best time to change your car tire?

Any automobile tire needed changing due to wear and tear, this may be the major reason why you will result in tire replacement. Tire wear and tear can result in damage to your car and also can cause an accident on the road. The tire of the car can be considered as one of the major parts of an automobile, besides the vehicle engine. The tire is the one in contact with the road's concrete and through this, the wear and tear can happen. With this maintaining your car tire's integrity depends on the owners monitoring.

If you are a first-time car or any automobile owner there are things you should take note off that can serve a guide.
  • Know the state or condition of the tire, if this is brand new or a second-hand replacement. 
  • Checking the wear of the tread by inserting a penny in between the treads. 
  • For more accurate measurement get a tread depth indicator.
  • Check for bulges and tire condition from time to time.
  • Notice any irregular and unusual performance of your vehicle when used, seek professional help for maintenance, immediately
  • Always take notes on your calendar to when you need to bring your vehicle for service.

If you can't manually or in doubt with your self-inspection of your vehicle tire condition, check your local listing for services such as tire changer, vehicle car tools changer, and other accessories. 

Car enthusiast or even for business purposes by owning parts and machines specifically for tires can be profiting. Here is an example of machines and services that you can find online, Best Buy Auto Equipment which sells heavy to small tools. 

Always provide a safe journey driving to your destination and happy trip! 

Friday, May 24, 2019

How To Sign Up on Facebook's New "Dating" Feature

Facebook announced the product at their F8 developer conference in May 2018. The service was not fully announced at the conference, and attendees were told that more information would be coming soon. The feature was in internal beta testing within several months of the conference.

Facebook Dating first launched in Colombia on September 20th, 2018. Users contributed to establishing what the dating site would look like for future users, as it was still in the testing stages. Facebook stated that if the testing went well, it would become a more prominent part of the existing Facebook application.

The second expansion has been launched in Canada and Thailand in October 2018.

Facebook Dating Feature

Facebook Dating is planned as a feature within Facebook's main app rather than a separate app release. Facebook users would create a separate dating profile. After indicating interest in another profile, the service would let the users contact each other. Facebook also plans a feature to let people attending the same event to make their profiles visible to each other. In an effort to meet new people, the service ensured that users would not match with their friends and that they would match with people who had things in common and mutual friends.

Users can filter results based on location, a number of children, religion, age, or height, and can match with other users within a 100km range.

The application was different from modern dating apps as you "can expect to find exactly zero swiping." Additionally, existing Facebook users do not have to create a new account or download a new app, to use their dating service.

For a more easier and simple step-by-step Facebook Dating sign-up, check the photos below: 

Check the DATING tab on your settings. 

A welcome page will open and get you started to sign-up.

You can edit your privacy settings or go to next...

Gender option and press next...

You need to activate your GSP for your location. 

Dating uses Location Services to set your dating location and suggest people near you but doesn't automatically update your dating location.
Your dating location is always visible on your dating profile and can be changed in your dating preference.

Picking out your featured photo.

Confirming your dating profile

Photo, gender, and interest in.

Few steps before finishing your profile, you can add more photos. 

This window will show up after finishing your profile, a suggested member is shown.

Suggestion for matches group, events and you can match with your FB friends in Secret Crush.

There's a tab for people who are interested in you, their dating profiles will be shown there. 

A tab for conversation list. All conversation with someone will be shown. 

You can add and edit your Dating Settings anytime.

And most especially you can delete your account anytime you want. Just like what I did after taking photos of the steps I provided here for the purpose of this blog post. 

A pop-up confirmation when you decided to delete your Facebook Dating Service, Secret Crush. 

What are your thoughts on this new Facebook's Secret Crush? Will you be up for this new service.

For me, I am getting Facebook's service based on my personal and blog needs and I am not seeing this new service usable for the time being. 

I hope people who will be engaging in this service take caution on the importance of online privacy. Do not post anything that you will regret in the future. Be careful online. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The camera never lies? Or does it?

***Photo from babipur

In most cases, it seems that the taking of a photograph depends on many factors that we have little or no control over, including the subject matter, the lighting, and the timing. This is seen as a more spontaneous or journalistic form of photography and is common in the sort of opportunities that present themselves when we are on holiday or at a function or event (or just with family or friends.)

For some, this is “true” photography, where the “camera never lies” and is seen as a true representation of what occurred at the instant the shutter was released.

We have control of “the decisive moment,” where we try to capture the essence of the moment by waiting for the ideal instant when all the elements of the image are in place before we press the shutter button. Is this then a “true” record of that instant?

Many have argued that it isn’t, as we do have some influence as to timing, framing, and choice of viewpoint and focal length before we release the shutter. So, in a sense, we have manipulated the “moment” by our selection of many factors and making choices that convey “our” interpretation of the moment. Is there a real difference then between “recording” a moment or “capturing” the same moment? Either way, we have edited the moment and it is no longer a “true” record of the moment. The question begs though, does it matter? And like all open questions, the answer is it depends on the purpose of the image in the first place.

Planning the shot

Besides the “taking” of photographs, there is, of course, another side to photography that is more controlled and that allows us to “create” the image that we want.

This creative photography may take place prior to the “taking” of the photograph or after the image is taken. By planning the desired image that we want (and of course, taking into account the purpose of the image) and then arranging the elements to ensure that we get what we are aiming for, we can create a photographic image to specifications.

Most commercial and advertising images are created to suit a specific need. Take this website as an example of a commercial entity using imagery and text to play on the emotions of the viewer. This is done by presenting the elements of sea, land, and children. However, this approach also includes product, fashion, and architectural photography, etc. The photographer has full control of the scene and controls all elements including the subject matter at hand, the lighting (usually) as well as his/her interpretation of the final image.

This sort of planned image can be just as difficult to create as the more spontaneous “journalistic” images that we “record” (ask any commercial photographer.) We will touch on some aspects of the created image further along the track.

You can also create an image “after” the event, (both spontaneous or planned images) by what is called post-processing. Since the early days of photography, photographers have had the opportunity to manipulate the image before them, either in-camera or in the darkroom. Today, our “darkroom” is image processing software such as Photoshop and the like. There is almost no limit as to what can be created in terms of “photographic images”.

Purists may argue that this image processing (or manipulation) is no longer “photography”, but it can be said that the digital process used today is no different as it was “back in the old days”, except that the tools have changed (and require a lesser degree of skill to achieve good results).

Early photographers had the ability to create multi-exposure images, employ darkroom cropping and exposure manipulation as well as other more subtle techniques like airbrushing (the former Soviet Union used this technique routinely to remove undesirables who just “disappeared” – also see this article) to “enhance” an image. 

The four elements

With regards to “The Journey,” I believe that there are Four Elements that need to be considered when trying to take/create an image/moment that is more than a “snapshot.”

They are:

The Photographer (Wind)
The Subject (Water)
The Composition (Fire)
The Technique (Earth)

The Photographer

Like “Wind,” you, as the photographer, ultimately provide the intangible. The purpose and reason for the photograph, the intellect, the vision, the timing and the interpretation of what is before you, i.e. The Subject.

***Photo from wallpapercave

The Subject

Like “Water,” the subject of a photograph is everywhere and can be flowing or still. It can be a spontaneous scene that is happening before you or a carefully crafted scene that has been planned to the last detail. It may involve people or places or inanimate objects. You may or may not have control of the subject and you will have to adapt as required. Sometimes, it is difficult to decide what it is you are trying to photograph, especially when the scene is full of possible subjects. Understanding what the actual subject of the photo you want and deciding how best to photograph it, will help greatly as you try to manage “The Composition.”

The Composition

The Composition of a photograph is the “Fire” of an image. It is the key element in creating images that make people look and appreciate an image. So what exactly IS composition? One definition for composition states that it is “The combining of different parts to make a whole” (also see this Wikipedia entry for a more comprehensive explanation from an artistic perspective). There are some “rules” and many aspects to the “combining of different parts” in the composition that has evolved over many years, particularly in relation to the field of painting. Ideally, the various elements and rules in a composition should create an emotional response in the viewer (just like music). Having said that, these “rules” should be seen more like guidelines that work but can (and should) be broken when it is appropriate. However, good composition with poor technical execution will still lead to a poor image.

The Technique
Like “Earth”, there are foundations that all creative work needs to be based on. There are techniques that need to be understood and mastered (or at least controlled). In photography, these include understanding all aspects of your hardware and software (you may not need to master them all, but at least know what your equipment is capable of). You need to understand how exposure works, including shutter speed and ISO settings. Be aware of the effect of different aperture settings on the focus (or more accurately, depth-of-field). Know when to use different focal lengths of lenses (or zoom) for controlling perspective. If you are planning on using artificial lights, experiment with different lighting setups and light modifiers. 
Picture perfect

If you are going to “enhance” your images using image editing software, take the time to learn how to get the best out of them. As boring as it may be, a thorough understanding of the “technical stuff” is required, in addition to the other three elements, to produce outstanding images.

Friday, May 10, 2019


What is your genre when it comes to music? Music can be appreciated by someone depending on the following:

Lyrics, sound, instruments being used and also the artists.

One of the best examples of music genre is Rock. 

Rock music is a broad genre of popular music that originated as "rock and roll" in the United States in the early 1950s, and developed into a range of different styles in the 1960s and later, particularly in the United Kingdom and in the United States. 

 In this post, we will be featuring this rock band named Trenched, their music offers that rock vibe feels that can hit all ages. I love how catchy their sound in this video, it is simple and focuses on how they want their listeners to catch the impact of their music, that rock-vibe sound! The sound from the electric guitar transcends you to the place makes you feel you are with them performing. 
For me, I enjoyed their music, most especially the beat and I hope you will too! Check them out on their social media and be updated.

"HollyWood Scars" Single Release on the Upcoming Album "United in Rock"

Indie rock band Trenched has enlisted some heavy hitters on this release for a rock and roll celebration of life, love, heavy guitar, bass guitar along with the art, concepts from I Feel So Outta This World to Make The World Sing can inspire all ages.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Shop for Unique Vintage Crochet Pieces

Crochet is a process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials using a crochet hook.
I remember my grandmother used to make wonderful crochet products like a sweater, table clothes, wall decor, and even socks for babies.  I always find crochet items classic having that vintage look, especially when it is being worn. A crocheted blouse can be paired with an ensemble, jeans, skirt, and shorts. It creates that peasant looks for a blouse or a dress when worn. 

Today, crochet products can be brought online, the creation of crocheting penetrated the clothing business as one of the styles for fashion. Physical stores still showcase crochet items, although one can find it a bit pricey, leaving the shoppers to think twice to buy one. Good thing that the market expands its doors to online shops such as ZAFUL, they have a wide array of crocheted dresses and blouses. I browsed their line of crochets items and I am loving what I see, some of my favorites are in the photos. 

My top two pieces are the second white top and the nude color crochet dress, I like the length of the sleeves, low-angled collar and the bottom part that is wide in the cut. 

If you love the pieces I showed in the photos you can check out their line and shop here

Stunning Summer Dresses

The kind of season can be a big factor when it comes to wearing clothes and outfit. Summer and spring clothes can vary in print and style no matter what body structure you have. 

Floral prints can portray the spring season and the very basic loud and bright colors such as orange, pink, green and yellow can bring the summer feel. Maxi dresses like the ones in the photos can really express your style, it can also be worn from day time to night time clothes just add up or accentuate it with a plain blazer, or you can even glam it up with the hairstyle or a nighttime make-up look. For more styles and designs of maxi dresses online you can check here.
I bet you will find something that is right for your event or any lined up occasion. 

ZAFUL is an online shop that caters to any body size, from petite to plus size women. They offer attire from women, men, tops, dresses, swimwear, and accessories. Free standard and COD shipping fee, from bank to mobile mode of payments are available too!

Check out their Mother's Day treat, perfect gift ideas!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Affordable hair straightener in the market

Did you wake up one morning with a bad hair day (literally!). I remember seeing myself in the mirror one morning with my hair as messy as the lion's hair. Everything was all over the place, making my head looks so big. This has been somehow a struggle for me having that natural wavy and dry hair. 
It has been years since I stopped going to the salon to have my chemically treated for a hair rebond to straighten my wavy hair since I noticed the thinning of the hair growth especially in the top part of my head, leaving it looking bald with hair sparse. 

I sometimes iron my hair just to lessen the frizzy look and sometimes styling it with curls and waves using the hair iron, just to look presentable and neat at work. I have this 8-year-old hair straighter which gave up life last week. The plastic handle got brittle and eventually damaging the wiring inside. I thought of not buying a new one and see if I can handle my everyday hair look with unruly waves and curls, but I gave in. I finally decided to get a new one, thanks to my daughter who convinced and gave me the money to buy! :)

I followed the budget I had last week and went to Watson's to purchase their brand hair straightener for Php1,199 ($23). 

Watsons Hair Straightener
Model No.: HC-60A
Color: Black
Dual voltage
Maximum temperature of 200C
Parts: Heated plates on both sides (Ceramic coated plates)
Power ON/OFF switch
Power indicator

Lightweight compared to the one I previously owned.
The cord at the end rotates thus avoiding the rest of the cord be twisted while using it. Although the temperature cannot be adjusted using on and off button can do the trick.

I used the hair iron twice already and the initial use impressed me! It minimizes the frizzy and natural waves of my hair in just minutes, doing the sectioning of hair can provide you an easy and good result, always start at the back going to the front part of your hair. 

There were other brands of hair tools for straightening use but I relied on the price specifically and really go with the budget I have. 

I will be updating this blog post in the coming days to update the efficiency and how the tool will work in the next use. 

For now, I am quite happy and satisfied with it. 

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Decocrated Quarterly Home Decor Subscription Box Giveaway!

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Friday, May 3, 2019

ALTA Integrative Medicine and Wellness Complex

Jojo is 40 years old and a top executive in a multinational company. He spends long hours at work in his desire to provide a good life for his wife and three children. However, there are times when Jojo feels anxious about the future. This stems from certain health issues that have been bothering him since he reached his late 30s. He has been experiencing chest pains, headache, palpitations and, sometimes, fatigue and shortness of breath. When Jojo becomes so busy and is hobbled with a lot of work-related stress, his blood pressure shoots up. His annual physical exam has also revealed that he has an elevated level of cholesterol. Jojo worries about his health and this compounds the stress he is experiencing.

There are many people like Jojo. They want to live long, healthy lives, but the circumstances surrounding them often make them feel powerless in the face of this concern. Some people resign themselves to the idea that this is a fact of life that has to be accepted. Some avoid seeking professional help, somehow scared to find out that they’re suffering from a certain disease/s. There are others who simply choose to just self-medicate.

The Perpetual Help Medical Center - Las Piñas (PHMC-LP) recognizes these realities that a lot of people are facing. This keen awareness of what people like Jojo go through has led to the birth of the Alta Integrative Medicine and Wellness Complex.

The ALTA Integrative Medicine and Wellness Complex offers a holistic range of services that aim to empower patients with choices on how they can enhance their overall well-being. The thrust of Integrative Medicine is to provide patients with conventional and complementary and alternative approaches that work together and have shown high-quality evidence-based effectiveness and safety including:
  1. Natural Products
-herbs (also known as botanicals), vitamins and minerals, probiotics, etc.

  1. Mind and Body Practices
-yoga, chiropractic, and osteopathic manipulation, meditation, massage therapy, acupuncture, relaxation techniques, tai chi, qi gong, healing touch, hypnotherapy, movement therapies, etc.

  1. Other Complementary Health Approaches
-traditional healers, Ayurveda medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, etc.

The ALTA Integrative Medicine and Wellness Complex’s team of medical experts are trained to understand that each patient’s medical needs are unique and should, therefore, be conscientiously addressed with nuanced intervention. This is evidenced by the array of modern and scientific services they offer such as the following:

  • INTRAVENOUS THERAPY, the infusion of a fluid substance directly into the vein for therapeutic treatment. INTRAVENOUS THERAPY includes Myer’s Push, Immune, Mega C, and Acne Therapy.
  • CHELATION THERAPY, the removal of toxic heavy metals like lead, mercury iron, arsenic, and aluminum that accumulate in one’s body.
  • MINERAL REPLETION THERAPY, aids in metabolism and brings lost minerals in the body.
  • GLUTATHIONE THERAPY neutralizes harmful free radicals, flushes away toxins, supports cell health and integrity and has a big role in DNA and protein synthesis.
  • OZONE THERAPY, the administration of a small and controlled amount of ozone in the body. OZONE THERAPY includes Blood Ozone Therapy, Rectal Ozone Therapy, and Ozone Limb Bagging.
  • PROLOZONE THERAPY, a form of non-surgical ligament and joint reconstruction that uses ozone in the treatment of different kinds of chronic pain. PROLOZONE THERAPY includes Anti-Inflammatory Therapy, Special Neck Therapy, Proliferative.
  • PLATELET-RICH PLASMA (PRP), uses injections of a concentration of a patient's own platelets to accelerate the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints.

  1. FUNCTIONAL AND PERSONALIZED HORMONE RESTORATION THERAPY or also known as BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE RESTORATION THERAPY is a form of therapy that uses hormones which are identical on a molecular level with endogenous hormones in hormone replacement therapy. This service will involve consultation with the doctor, then the doctor will request for necessary laboratory exams to check for hormone levels (blood test, saliva or urine).  Upon interpretation of the laboratory results, the doctor will prescribe the patient with natural hormone supplementation and other natural supplementation.  

Common patients suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Menopause, Andropause, Adrenal Insufficiency, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Sexual Dysfunctions, Somatopause)

  1. MUSCULOSKELETAL PAIN an injury or pain in the human musculoskeletal system, including the joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons, and structures that support limbs, neck, and back

  1. POSTURE EVALUATION provides much information regarding the natural state of their tissues. Through postural analysis, it is possible to determine which areas of their body are under more strain than others, and which muscle groups are causing this strain.


5. GYNECOMASTIA AND ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, treatment for the enlargement of breast tissues and men’s erection dysfunction.

6. AGE MANAGEMENT AND LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION, also known as modern lifestyle modification therapy combines specific recommendations on diet and exercise with behavioral and cognitive strategies. The intervention may be delivered face-to-face or in groups, or in groups combined with individual sessions.

The ALTA Integrative Medicine and Wellness Complex seeks to help Jojo and others like him by improving their health and quality of life. Health is, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” It is on this idea that the ALTA Integrative Medicine and Wellness Complex was founded because of the fundamental belief that Jojo and every patient deserve the peace of mind and should be empowered to take a more active role in shaping their health.

ALTA Integrative Medicine and Wellness Complex

Doctors’ Profile

Dr. Imelda S. Edodollon, MT, MD
Dr. Imelda Edodollon is known to be one of the most seasoned Integrative Medicine experts in the Philippines thanks to her wide experience and very impressive credentials.

After finishing her Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology degree at the University of Santo Tomas, she completed her Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center in 2007.

Due to her father’s ailment, Dr. Edodollon opted to try to look for a viable medical option that will help improve his condition – this led her to pursue Integrative Medicine. She first attended the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s International Medical School of Integrative Medicine in 2013, and through the years, Dr. Edodollon continually advances her medical knowledge by completing various courses and training programs on Integrative Medicine not only in the different parts of the Philippines but also in the United States of America.

In March 2017, Dr. Edodollon finished her specialized medical education in Ozone Therapy, Major and Minor Autohemotherapy and in Basic and Advanced Prolozone in Reno, Nevada, the USA under Dr. Frank Shallenberger at the American Academy of Ozonotherapy. In addition, she accomplished both Ozone Therapy Master Classes in Aruba and in Santa Rosa, California, the USA with Dr. Robert Rowen, respectively.

Dr. Imelda Edodollon, being the Center Director of the ALTA Integrative Medicine and Wellness Complex, the first of its kind in a tertiary hospital in the Philippines, her objective is to continue inculcating her advocacy in aiming for a healthier community.

Dr. Ruby Ann Bermudez-Magpantay, MD. MSC
Dr. Ruby Anne Bermudez-Magpantay is acknowledged both nationally and internationally as “Master of Science in Preventive Medicine”. She underwent the first European training toward a qualified academic degree with international accreditation in clinical medicine at Dresden International University in Dresden, Germany.

With her expertise in modern medical diagnostic methods, Dr. Bermudez-Magpantay can comprehensively assess certain risk factors of the diseases and their development. In addition, with training under Dr. Thierry Hertoghe in Brussels, Belgium and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Dr. Bermudez-Magpantay became highly knowledgeable on advanced modes of therapies such as bio-identical hormone balancing and vitamin and nutritional supplementation. This enables the slowing down of the aging process, neutralizing signs of deterioration and enhances self-healing capacity.

Dr. Bermudez-Magpantay also had her time with Tribeca in Heidelberg, Germany to attend in the Regenerative Medicine handling Autologous Stem Cells theoretical and practical training. She also has fellowship training for Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in San Jose, California. With the combination of these specialties, Dr. Bermudez-Magpantay believes that by having a holistic approach and by achieving a complete balance within the body’s system, a better physical and balanced emotional well-being will be attained.

Dr. Jason A. Peñaranda

Dr. Jason Peñaranda is considered to be a pioneer in Integrative Medicine. Straight from graduating from medical school graduates at the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Medical College, he immediately faced up to the challenge of the once uncommon specialty.

With the help of his electronic medical education specialization, Dr. Peñaranda is also known for writing various contents about advancing lifestyle and functional medicine.

Having been a consultant for Health and Wellness for Gourmet Farms, Dr. Peñaranda maximizes the availability of digital networks and social media in spreading his advocacies in wellness through his lifestyle articles. With this, he aims to educate his patients in achieving the health goals that are most suitable for them.

Dr. Angelo Ayson Tacderas, M.D

Dr. Angelo Ayson Tacderas used to be an athlete himself prior to being a medical doctor. He understands the importance of not only an active lifestyle but positive and healthy well-being.

With him being a part of the ALTA Integrative Medicine and Wellness Complex, Dr. Tacderas relishes the opportunity of applying and sharing his expertise toward healthy aging, disease prevention and complementary management of chronic diseases. With his comprehensive background in sports, Dr. Tacderas definitely has a “know-how” in advanced methods such as musculoskeletal ultrasound and regenerative injection therapies that perfectly address back pains and other sports-related injuries.

For more information about ALTA INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE, please call:

GF, Perpetual Help Medical Center-Las Pinas
Alabang-Zapote Road, Pamplona III, Las Pinas City
874-ALTA OR 874-8515 LOCALS 449 to 150