Thursday, January 24, 2019

What are the Health Benefits of Coconut Water?

Coconut is considered the tree of life because of the bountiful benefits and unlimited source it can give us; from its seeds, leaves, bark, and down to the roots. 

Living in a tropical country gives you an advantage when it comes to tropical fruits such as coconut. It can serve and give a bountiful source as food, cosmetics, and can even provide materials for home infrastructure. Coconut water became popular when it comes to health topics, due to social media hype and online testimonials. 

Coconut water is a clear liquid from the inside of a young green coconut. The amount of coconut water you can get inside a coconut depends on the size of the coconut, as well as the coconut meat, it varies on the age of the coconut.

What are the health benefits of coconut water?

  • High potassium- coconut water has more potassium than bananas; eliminate muscle cramps during exercise; it also can lower blood pressure.
  • Source of electrolytes- it is known as a natural energy and sports drink of the athletes as it can provide that electrolytes needed when in competition. Compared to energy drink available in the market that contains sugar or artificial sweetener, and even sometimes coloring. The best source for hydration.
  • Calcium and Magnesium- for bone stability and muscle repair during a hard workout or strenuous activity.
  • Antioxidants- it helps to eliminate free radicals due to extreme activities and also it balances food intake. 

Recently, we added natural coconut water and coconut to our meal mostly during dinner. A green coconut in the flea market cost around P25-P30 ($0.50-$0.60) a piece, you can get an almost liter of coconut water and 250grams of coconut meat. Have it chilled and viola we always enjoy pure and natural coconut water every time. Because of the abundance and availability of coconut in the Philippines, it is considered a staple commodity. 

Last Christmas I was surprised to discover this brand that sells coconut water in a box, called Merci Buco (Thank you, Coconut) by Locally. 

This was included in the Christmas basket we got as a gift, and I got curious about the claim of having 100% coconut water, pure organic, and, all natural. One liter of Merci Buco by Locally which cost P95.75 around ($2.75), upon checking the price online. I am excited to compare the taste of this Locally versus the natural-straight from the coconut water. 

1. Price wise, this brand is way more expensive, almost triple the price when buying the natural coconut water, plus buying coconut water comes along with a lump of coconut meat. 

2. In terms of color and taste, obviously, the color of this brand is more opaque and cloudy with a touch of thick consistency that the natural coconut water which is more clear and thin in consistency. In regards to the taste, oh my gosh! I was like drinking an unexplainable drink. It has sweetness with a touch of vanilla and the smell of coconut water. I was trying to convince my self with this brand and giving it credit that it can deliver that coconut water we used to have.
I wasn't able to finish one glass with ice since I cannot bear the taste of it. I would rather exert an effort to go to the market and get the natural one. Convenience wise, you can give it a go. 

I hope there's a technology where you can pack products naturally for consumption with fewer additives, leaving the best and natural taste. 

Have you tried this brand yet, what were your experience and thoughts about it? 

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  1. I tried drinking this one and it tastes really good and healthy