Thursday, November 22, 2018

Stylish Prescription Eyeglasses for my Mom!

A few days ago my mother complains of a headache and dizziness at the same time, although she is in her senior years and with maintenance medication, also she wears stylish prescription eyeglasses for years now. I had her eyes checked again, although it is months earlier than here schedule for next year I encouraged her to have eye refraction just to be sure about the symptoms she been dealing with. 

We visited this new eye store across my office area, had her eye refracted and my hint was right. Her eye vision increases to another 50 in each eye, that is why there are times I can see here squinting and has watery eyes at times. She was also diagnosed with developing cataract and suggested that she can consult an eye doctor to further check the status and condition of her eye. 

The optometrist suggested a new lens for both her eyes and a new frame that can go along with the new pair of lenses. I asked the doctor if she can still use the same frame and replace the new lens. She explains further that due to wear and tear of the frame, it might now hold properly the new lens and with that we need to sign a waiver, limiting us to ask for warranty and replacement. At some point, I was convinced and agreed to get the whole set of eyeglasses with the prescribed lens. 

We were asked by the sale staff to pick the style my mother wants and with all the cute glasses available at that time it was hard to pick! Although the budget was a considered factor, we still manage to pick the average price according to our budget and the style she picked was in the line of crystal cat eyeglasses

Here are some of the style from an online shop Voogueme that somehow resembled when we were picking and fitting the glasses. These are the cutest and trendiest looking styles for eyeglasses, makes me want to replace my current prescription glasses frame to one of this! 😉
Sarah Rectangle Tortoise Eyeglasses

Kelly Affordable Leopard Half Frame Cateye
Hedy Tortoise Elegant Oversized Cat Eyeglasses

What can you say about the style of each of the eyeglasses she picked? Personally, I love the last pair because it looks so sophisticated and the frame fits the shape of her face. I really give emphasis on the cheekbones and the arc of her eyebrows. 

We need to return next week for her to check and fit the eyeglasses we ordered, and I am excited for her because she can see clearer. 

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