Monday, October 29, 2018

Confidence in Fashion

*photo source: Sorrento Sunwear FB page

For most people, fashion is a way to express themselves and show the world the creativity that lies beyond the facade of their faces and bodies. Fashion is a tool to deliver a message, to rekindle a memory, to showcase a certain culture, and many other different reasons.

While there are people who take fashion as something playful, or a chance to play around, there are people who use fashion as an instrument to gain confidence, build self-esteem, or try to come out their shells. Some people want to wear skirts because it makes them feel beautiful and charming, men wear suits to make them feel classy and sleek, pieces of denim to feel edgy, and some just whip out their favorite pair of Sorrento Sunwear shades to feel confident about themselves.

To some people, fashion has become their go-to therapy, and they know that if they look good, they will feel good. There are people who don’t understand this, and automatically assume that people who are into fashion are self-indulgent and too into their looks. As someone who enjoys dressing up, shopping, and uses it as a way to relieve stress, fashion is important. Not only does it help with self-esteem issues, but it also helps with being comfortable in your own skin.

Fashion should never be about being selfish or self-obsessed, it is about self-love, self-acceptance, and most importantly, being confident with yourself. And so, to all who are afraid to be judged because of fashion, shrug them off and slay the streets as your runway.

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