Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Design tricks for small spaces

In such small places in Penang, space is limited in your comfy house near USM Penang, so you will need to put on your creativity cap to make use every acre of your home. Here are some tips:
Light and colours
In small spaces, it is recommended to select a neutral and single colour for rooms and spaces that are connected to each other. Colours such as white and cream are good selections in small rooms. As these colours reflect light, the same colour painted on walls and ceilings can create a spacious effect in the room. You still can get creative with such single colours, texture painting such as waves and eggshells are able to create a different mood in the room thus there is no need of wallpapers to create the mood you want in your house. Texture painting is able to utilize light reflection to the room to create an optical illusion of spaciousness, however, texture such as glossy finish should be avoided as it reflects light too much and may cause visual irritation. Texture painting with satin or sand finish are easy to apply and are relatively lower maintenance.
Unity is key

Apart from your ceiling and walls, your choice of floors should be consistent in all rooms. A difference in flooring material and texture creates a breaking point to spaces, and you will see a “border” between room to room, creating a small space illusion. Additionally, your floor colour should be a complement to your ceiling and wall colors, a contrast in colors creates breaking in spaces too, so be wise when you are choosing your floor material and colours.
Mirrors and infinite

You might hear about magic tricks in infinite spaces in the mirror, well, it’s a good idea to apply this magic to your finite space to infinite. At a certain or a right angle, a mirror is able to create extended views such as at the windows, also allowing more light reflection to the room, giving an illusion of a bigger space. When a mirror is placed on one of the walls in a room, it creates an illusion of doubled space effect in your home. Selection of mirrors will be crucial, mirrors that are too small are not recommended for this trick as they might not reflect a big field as compared to big mirrors.
Minimalism: Dump it!
In small spaces, minimalism is the key to keep your home to look as spacious as possible. Avoid cluttering your furniture and unnecessary accessories together, as your room will have a messy and diminished impression. Avoid bulky accessories such as big pillows lying on the floor and house-keeping should be done from time to time to avoid the accumulation of things in the room. Also avoid shopping for unnecessary things, choosing quality over quantity will be handy to start minimalism in your home. Choose those that are daily used and may last longer.

Storage system
Minimizing the usage of accessories and a wise choice of furniture, but how about daily items such as car keys, water bottles, and house slippers? The trending storage system is the ones in-built into walls. For example, a closet having a hidden space for storage when opened from behind; corridors lined with closets and reading space under the staircase, are able to provide extra storing and space without over-utilizing your space at home. Additionally, foldable furniture such as transformable bench for the dining table or an armchair, even a dining table that is able to store foldable chairs after using it. These are the trending furniture options for minimalism in small homes. small homes may be lacking space, but with a creative mind, a small place may be transformed into a small but yet comfy home.

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