Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Affair- Season 4 Finale

So one of my favorite television Showtime series, The Affair ended its fourth season with ten episodes. 

I wanted more for the last episode because I couldn't believe Alison died in the previous episode! The thing about me watching and getting hooked in a television series I don't read in advance, I don't want to know what will happen next. I wanted to feel and experience as I go along episode after episode. So when Alison died in the last episode, I was in shock, not convinced and hoping that there will be a twist at the end of the story. But I was wrong, she really died. 

Four years ago since I first watched the pilot episode, and the character of Alison really struck me, well one of the reasons why I like her because she was also a nurse.  She was always seeking for the one relationship while she was struggling emotionally from the death of Gabriel her son who died in sleep due to (secondary drowning), from the accident in the pilot episode. 

All the years of her having his ex-husbands Cole and Noah, she still felt empty, though she had another child, her daughter Joanie, who she fought custody with. I grieved along with Cole, as I felt his loss of Alison, he tried to win Alison back during the last few episodes when he learned that his heart still shouts for Alison, but it was too late. While Noah making his way through the lives of his children and helping Anton, he did not foresee that bad thing will happen to Alison having Ben around. 

In the first part of the last episode, I felt hopeful from the scenes about Ben and Alison, when they figured things out and ended up reconciling the situation. I love when I saw the smile from Alison's face and left Ben outside to clean up the dishes, then the twist happened! Ben is the opposite of what the previous scene. The struggle that led to Alison accidental death. 

My heart also goes out with Helen who had everything on her plate, Vic being sick and dying, to her kids especially the comeback of her eldest daughter Whitney. Along with having Sierra their neighbor in the picture, it was so crazy from the scenes when they went to the retreat and everything went crazy. I expected that Sierra will be pregnant from that joy ride with Vik from episode five. The relief from Helen's scene on the rooftop. 

Alison is dead and from here on up to the next season, I am intrigued how her death will be resolved.

Farewell, Alison. 

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