Wednesday, July 4, 2018

What is an automatic voltage regulator?

The automatic voltage regulator or AVR is an electronic device that helps regulate the voltage automatically. Its main function is to maintain a constant voltage and power to any appliances and electronic devices that are sensitive to electrical surges.

This is one example of automatic voltage regulator from Akari brand which we bought from Ace hardware.

We decided to purchase an AVR a few months ago for one sole reason, to save our appliances specifically the refrigerator from possible damage due to fluctuating voltage that was resulting to on and off power interruption at home. 

Unlike other appliances at home, a refrigerator works almost 24/7, although it has this built-in regulator that automatically shuts on and off to regulate the thermostat control, the main power should be controlled and regulated as well. Since we’ve been experiencing on and off power interruption because of the main circuit breaker we have at home that needs repair. I was alarmed and stressed out that time because we cannot afford not to have a working and functional fridge, can you imagine living without the necessity of preserving food, cold drinks and other food essentials that we keep inside the fridge? As a cook and a believer that cooking food at home is an act of saving, I cannot afford not to have a fridge.

We scouted for a few brands, from functionalities to prices we decided to get this Akari (AVR-SVH 500) automatic voltage regulator with servo motor, priced at P2,599.75 ($52).

It has power on and off button to set when needed for use, a delay selector button, a window meter of the output voltage, two- output plug for 110v and 220v (front), and three- 220v plugs (back).

From the purchase of the AVR unit, we were given one Akari junior study lamp in white color with a dog design for free! I was delighted to know the free item as we needed a new study lamp replacement for the daughter’s study table. I saved an amount of P700 ($14) by getting a free item from my original purchase. 

It has been three months already and the AVR unit is functioning well, we’ve been experiencing the sudden intermittent power and it prevents a sudden surge of electricity which is a power saving too.


  1. Hi Maam,

    I've also bought an akari AVR from ACE hardware. Its SVC-1000.
    Based on your experience with your AVR, is it okay if the input voltage for the AVR receives an under voltage?
    There were certain hours in a day where the supply voltage in our area is very low, like from 100v-130v.
    127v and lower makes our avr "undervoltage" indicator flashing.

    1. Hello, I am not quite sure about the under voltage input. I was trying to find the manual for this to check on your inquiry, unluckily I wasn't able to find it. Try to contact ACE hardware for sure they can help and guide you on what to do. Thank safe.