Friday, July 20, 2018

Almost everything you need is at Dressily

Online shop changes the ball game when it comes to shopping for goods you and your family needs. What I love about online shopping is that I can spend countless hours browsing and comparing prices and getting the best price at stake! 

My newly discovered online shop which I stumble upon is Dresslily, from the name of the shop it depicts femininity, style, and trendy. As I browsed through their site, I was amazed at how easy to navigate pages, products, description, and also the price of items are all on sale or discounted. Now, you know us, when we see sale and discounts it excites us making us want to hoard items you need. 

And, just how lucky I am right now browsing the site, I found out that they are celebrating its 6th year in the business! I can imagine how many satisfied customers they served and how things on their site evolved through this years. 

If given a chance to shop online for some items I need right now, I would love to get some makeup tools and a few fashionable tops that I can wear for office on a casual day wear. 

I have selected a few items as my wishlist and I am excited to share it with you guys! Hear goes like I said I am wishing for some new makeup tools like brushes, it's like my motto about makeup brushes is- a woman can never have too much makeup brushes at one time

My wishlist #1 - 20 Pcs Plastic Handle Nylon Makeup Brushes Set in Coffee color handles

My wishlist #2 - 20 Pcs Plastic Handle Nylon Makeup Brushes Set in Purple color handles

My wishlist #3 - 4 Pcs Foundation Makeup Brushes Set with gold and black handle.

My wishlist #4 - Floral-stripped- V-cut plus size blouse 

Aside from my wishlist, I am eyeing for more items on their top fashionable women's dresses, here are my picks:

Everything is in floral print which is perfect for summer and I can always pair with a plain cardigan or blazer at night when I need to go out. 

Another thing that caught my attention was their new arrival items, cute stuffed animals, some fashionable clothes and footwear to keep the look and the style.

Want to grab a hold of Dresslily 6th Anniversary deals?
>> Use code "DLjanedw4" for $3 off $25; $6 off $50; $12 off $100<<

It's time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily prepares the best high-quality but low-priced products for you, perfect for all occasion! 

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