Monday, June 11, 2018

What to do when you are still not over with summer?

It is hard to let go of things you enjoy doing especially when you love the season you are into. Living in a tropical country that has two seasons in a year; sunny and rainy, you can honestly say that transitioning to one season to another is quite difficult at times. 

Summer just ended and it has been raining for almost a week now. We are so thankful for the past season as it gave us cool and fun memories. Rainy season just started a week ago, it's been raining constantly. 

Although I love the rainy season especially when we can stay home and enjoy time lounging and basically doing nothing, I still miss the sunny season!

When I was out at the mall yesterday, a salesman offered me this Glade 3-in-1 automatic spray holder. 

It caught my interest because of the scent and the spray holder shape and color. 

I asked the salesman to test the sprayer and this is what it looks like inside. The container looks like a concrete vase with an etched design that compliments the look as a decor, it flips open into two where you can place the spray canister inside. It has two available scents; Ocean-escape and Lavender

I first choice is the ocean escape scent because I still can't let go of the summer-feel. This will surely make our room in the house feels sunny and summer at the same time. 

My second scent was the lavender but when they tried and was able to smell the scent  I changed my mind in getting this scent. It was too overpowering! I will surely regret having this as a scent inside one of the rooms in the house. So, I decided to get two units with the same scent. 

Assembling this sprayer is as easy as 1,2,3, there's a guide at the side of the box container. You snug the refill canister inside just above the battery (2AA) compartment making sure the spray nozzle is facing front. There the adjustable button which you can set time (9,18, and, 36mins) when you wanted to activate the sprayer, also the power-off button. There is also a boost button at the back of the case. 

The box contains one vase like container and one refill can for P399.75. I purchased two and immediately place one in my daughter's and one in the bathroom. I liked the scent I chose, it smells summer and ocean at the same time. My way to stay in the summer season. It claimed that it can last up to 60 days, that I find out. 

Having a clean and fresh smelling home is an added feature to home improvement, it can add value to your property and mostly an enjoyable time spent at home that smells nice. 

Let me know your thoughts about this product when you purchase one. :) 

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