Wednesday, June 27, 2018

What Are the Requirements to Obtain an EIN?

Obtaining an EIN number may seem like a very overwhelming prospect. Doing it on your own can be a very scary process if you’re unsure of your options and what is exactly needed to obtain your EIN. That is where IRS-EIN-Tax-ID comes in. Our highly trained team can assist you around the clock to ensure that you have everything you need to process your application smoothly and quickly.

You will need to obtain an EIN if your company or you meet any of the following stipulations:

  • Have employees that work for you

  • Business is a firm or a partnership

  • If the business files any type of tax return such as excise or employment

  • If any taxes are withheld on the revenue made besides employee’s taxes

  • Any non-profit, trust, estate or IRA etc.

  • If you provide or have a Keogh plan with your business

You will need some type of a current and valid id with the government already before you apply for a business EIN number. This can include your personal social security number, an ITIN or an EIN from another entity that is already existing in the system itself. These numbers are crucial to obtaining your new businesses identification number so make sure you have them handy when applying through the site.

The website makes it simple and fast to obtain your EIN in the comfort of your home or office. You can do the entire process all online and typically have your information back within 24 hours. You can also have assistance along the way with any questions or concerns that may come up during the process with the experienced team of IRS-EIN-Tax-ID on your side. Once you receive it, you can use our IRS EIN lookup feature on our website to find your number at any time.

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