Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Top Exercises to Shred that Extra Fat

More often than not, most people hitting the gym are looking to get rid of excess fat. A healthy diet is critical in complementing your training routine. Workout supplements from Acheter Steroid can also help you achieve better results. Other than improving your overall look, burning calories has a host of other benefits which cannot be overstated.

Health Benefits
Health, of course, tops the list of advantages. Burning extra calories decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, it improves mobility, which naturally translates to increased flexibility, hence reducing joint pain. Lastly, it keeps your blood sugar levels in check, thus lessening the risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Lifestyle Benefits
Burning calories enables you to enjoy your life even more. Having an appealing physique boosts your confidence and self-esteem and regular exercise helps you to sleep better.

Working out also calms you down, reducing stress levels, especially if you are in a difficult situation. Less stress equals a better mood, making you feel more energetic.

Some of the top exercises that will enable you to burn excess calories faster are:


Research has proven that high-intensity swimming can burn up to 680 calories an hour. Furthermore, it involves all the major muscle groups, thus improving body balance, strengthening muscles and boosting your heart rate. Try various styles like breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly to make the session more entertaining. Apart from that, swimming in a colder pool is said to increase the rate at which your body burns calories since your body burns more calories to stay warm.

Performing Martial Arts

Learning different martial arts such as taekwondo and karate will also help to burn calories faster. Other than that, performing martial arts helps the body gain speed, power and improves mental concentration. Research proves that taekwondo burns approximately 700 calories in an hour.


Jumping with a rope can burn approximately 1000 calories in an hour, and it is a perfect workout for the entire body. Both kids and adults can do it, anytime and anywhere, and the only equipment required is a skipping rope.


Also known as fast pace running, this is a high-intensity cardio exercise. Completing a 100 or 200-meter sprint requires a lot of energy, making the body burn excess calories. In addition, sprinting improves your cardiovascular system by speeding up your heart rate.

High-Intensity Aerobics

High-intensity aerobics such as dancing, hopping and jumping jacks challenge your body muscles to contract and expand in a fast and well-controlled manner. You can challenge yourself by incorporating weights such as a dumbbell while maintaining the high-intensity level. Do this in intervals, each lasting for 20 to 30 minutes, then take a break.


Biking at a vigorous pace makes you feel a burning sensation in your lungs and increases your heart rate. Cycling in mountainous and hilly terrain helps your body to burn even more calories; research suggests up to 680 calories an hour.

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