Wednesday, May 23, 2018

How to Look Fashionable with Eyeglasses

Fashion speaks one's personality, you can never compare one's personality to another. It is a unique identity that a person can be identified with. To wear what is comfortable for you is what fashion is all about. Accessories can add up to your fashion get-up, as it also signifies culture, tradition, health concern, and beliefs.  

Nowadays, eyeglasses- whether prescription eyeglasses frames or just accessory that can be associated with fashion. I remember during earlier years when I was in high school, wearing eyeglasses can be daunting and it can limit your activities like joining school activities that require no wearing of eyeglasses, so as a teenager and eager to do things with friends and classmates it became a hindrance.

Today, eyeglasses can be worn aesthetically and medically at the same time. You can have your pair of eyeglasses as trendy and fashionable as you wanted. The variety of designs, materials, and, brands can give you that decision on what you want for a specific occasion. You can have sporty eyeglasses for sports purposes, prescription cateye eyeglasses for an office outfit accessory or even a half rim glasses frames for more sophisticated and fashionable look. 

For female office attire, you can style with a pair of sleek dark pants, and white or cream colored long sleeves ensemble, you can add up a jacket for a more formal look. For accessories, you can wear gold earrings, watch, and, bangles. For shoes, a black one to two inches heeled shoes that is comfortable when you walk around can be a nice match. For office bag, leather bag whether black or earth colored with no print will add more chicness to this style. 

When you are about to leave the office and want to hit the gym, a perfect sized gym bag along with your pair of gym shoes, sweatpants, gym clothes that are made with Lycra material which doesn't absorb sweat (always bring an extra pair). And, do not forget your eyeglasses when in the gym or outside sports activities. It can protect your eyes and prevent it from additional visual damage. 
Things to remember when wearing eyeglasses: 

  1. Make sure you have the right eyeglasses prescription. 
  2. Always visit your eye doctor for a check-up.
  3. Proper care for your eyes when wearing specific prescribe glasses.
  4. Clean your glasses.
  5. Add your glasses as an accessory for a more fashionable look.
  6. Always wear your outfit as comfortable as possible. 
  7. Be unique! 

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