Thursday, March 22, 2018

How to Organize Life the Easiest Way Possible

Life, in general, can be a handful. It takes a lot to do things and no one can strike it in just one try. How can we simplify life, for me, it is how we organize things!

Organizing varies widely when it comes to the definition of terms and how it is being applied to certain people of a certain group within a community. 

When I hear the word organize or to stay organize, two words always pop into my mind; time and discipline

Time is the first step for you to get things going. You need to devote a specific time to your everyday life to keep things organized. Time can make your plan on what to do next and how to do it. You alone is the sole responsible for allocating and setting up the pace needed. This is how I perceive time when it comes to organizing. 

To discipline oneself or others can be a big deal especially when you are not determined to do a certain task. It will drawback everything that is placed and scheduled when your self-discipline got cut-back. Adding some key ingredients to this are; determination, focus, and goals to finish. Admittingly, most of us struggle in this area. 

Now, what do I get when I start to organize things for my everyday life? I know for a fact that life will be easy-breezy when everything is in place, from the simplest things to the more complex ones. For example, cooking is my way to de-stress from every day from work, so on weekends I always stock-up with products I will be needing for the whole week; produce that can last for a couple of more days, can goods that can serves as an alternative, meat and other poultry that can be left in the chiller for that certain period of time, other essential ingredients too such as flour, sugar, rice and other grains.
This is an example of how I organized things in the kitchen, which for me is always a win-win solution to keep my mind directed to the positive side of everyday life. 

You might ask if I make a list of this things? Yes, I do! 
The traditional to-do list on a sheet of paper works handy, it will surely work fine but to lessen the use of paper and reduce the production, "Going Paperless" can be practice to, this is also a way to protect the environment. Do you know that you hook up everything in your gadget? A handy spreadsheet template which you can use for simple task tracker, weekly meal plan, school-related management, every day to a yearly planner, and money tracker- which for me is very important when it comes to budgeting the family and personal expenses. 

Personally, I am a fan of the weekly meal planner and money tracker, it works very handily for me. I can input the amount and volume in just a few clicks, from that I know what is the amount flow and how much I can spend in the coming days, whether I am at the office or on mobile.  

Again, to make life easy and organize...devote a spoonful time and a pinch of discipline.

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