Thursday, March 15, 2018

4 Tips To Protect Your Vehicle From Harsh UV Rays

Feeling the sunshine on a warm, bright day is a pleasant feeling. Climbing into a sizzling hot car is not. Everyone has learned from experience that the sun and vehicles do not make a good combination. It’s inevitable that the two will mix, however, so what can you do to reduce the effects of the sun on your car? Try out these four tips to protect your vehicle from harsh UV rays.

1. Use Car and Truck Covers

Most people associate full covers with wintertime to prevent having to remove snow from vehicles. While that may be one popular use, it’s not the only one. You can also use outdoor car and truck covers in sunny seasons to prevent the interior and exterior of your car from experiencing fading and heating. Remember that you can use them on the vehicles you drive every day, not just the ones you only take out for special occasions.

2. Get a Sun Shade

Don’t want or need a full car or truck cover? Then all you need is a personalized car sun shade. However, instead of getting a generic type, opt for a personalized one for the best fit. Your car will stay cool inside and avoid damage from UV rays. For convertibles, shades that cover the top and windshields are available.

3. Tint the Windows

Tinting your windows is another way to keep out the heat and stop the glare of the sun. Just be sure to become familiar with your state’s laws on tinting before getting the job done. A cheaper and easier option is to placing cling shades in the windows.

4. Park in the Shade

Whether you’ve forgotten your sun shade or want extra protection, park your car in the shade. For long-term parking, put on a cover so you don’t have to clean dirt, debris, and bird droppings off your paint job.

Keeping your car safe from the sun’s harsh light is easy with the help of California Car Cover. You can find covers, shades, and more on the company’s website.

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