Monday, January 22, 2018

The perfect backpack for the perfect hike—Tactics Climate Proof Backpack 20L!

Tactics Climate Proof Backpack 20L (Grey)

I’ve been climbing mountains for years now, and one of the most used climbing necessities is the backpack, which contains a hiker’s needs and tools for the climb. However, my most recent climb was also my backpack’s last. It was my trusted partner ever since my very first climb, but since I had another climb coming at the end of the year, I decided to treat myself with a new travel buddy: the Tactics Climate Proof Backpack, which I found on!

I carefully set aside a budget of 1k or less, and luckily the Tactics climate Proof Backpack costs only Php995.00, a great price for such a good-looking backpack! I guess I got myself another climbing buddy. I love its compact and sporty style. Moreover, it’s made of polyester and can carry up to 20kg. When I got mine, the inside surprised me big-time! It may look small but its inside is huge! I can fit most of my needs, tools, equipment, and gadgets inside! Nifty!

Thanks to, I can’t wait till my next climb! And I hope my new travel buddy is as excited as I am. Let’s go Tactics, time to see the world! Once again, I’d like to give my huge and warm thanks to for such an amazing product. 

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