Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Sweet Rice with Coconut Milk Curd and Caramel

Dessert goes well in a meal course, pairing it with a beverage of choice that will complement the whole meal. Normally, a dessert dish consists of sweet foods, some may consider nuts, cheese or coffee drink a dessert. In the Philippines, a dessert can go extravagant and lengthy from a normal and typical dessert dish that others can prepare. 

Filipinos love their desserts, that is a fact! 

The tradition of preparing different kinds of desserts goes a long way and it is being passed through the family. I grew up in a household that always prepares dessert, being served in a normal meal of the day to a weekend cooking something for the whole family to enjoy. 

Sticky rice or "malagkit" mixed with brown sugar, nuts, fruits that are in season with coconut milk. One example is this, sweet rice with coconut milk curd and caramel I made. The ingredients are simple and you can find it anywhere in your Asian supermarket, although the taste will vary especially when you get the natural coconut milk in the from the freshly grated coconut meat that you can buy in the local market. 

Here is the recipe for this decadent sweet rice with coconut milk curd and caramel.


2-cups sticky "malagkit" grain rice. 
concentrated coconut milk (first juice pressed)
1-cup brown sugar 
2-cups coconut milk (second and third juice)
pandan leaves
caramel syrup for toppings (optional)

1. Wash malagkit rice until the water turned clear, put in a pot and add the 2 cups coconut milk juice, cook until the rice becomes tender. Expect a soft, sticky rice when cooked. Place the pandan leaves until it simmers to low fire. 

2. In a small skillet cook the coconut milk concentrate in a very low fire. It will boil on the side, while stirring it gradually. The coconut oil will appear along with the coconut curd or "latik", scrape and stir the pan until the curd reached that golden brown color. That is the time you will know the "latik" is cooked already.
Strain and separate coconut oil from the curd. Set aside.

3. In a deep casserole, melt the brown sugar, when melted add the cooked sticky rice and mix. Stir and make sure the brown sugar that turned to liquid will mix evenly with the rice. Continue mixing it. Remove the pandan leaves after.

4. Let the mixture cool down, placed it in a dishpan, topped it with the coconut milk curd earlier and drizzle with caramel syrup, or replace it with any toppings you like. 

The ingredients are few, it will only require lots of time to prepare and cook. But, I assure you, you will enjoy every slice. Pair it with coffee, tea, juice or plain cold water. 

If you ever happened to try this recipe let me know the results, or maybe send me a slice? haha! Enjoy! 

Thanks for reading!

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