Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Product Information: Minnavi Skin Care Products

Minnavi Skin Care Fluid is a four-in-one (moisturizer + lotion + cream + essence all in one) product that's a replacement for moisturizer. Our key ingredient is a patented ingredient called “Whitenol”. Whitenol is the key component to these products as it has a special ability to slowly penetrate deep into your skin throughout the day and known to give very strong skin lightening efficacy. Whitenol is 400 times stronger than Arbutin, which is most commonly used for whitening effect. Due to Whitenol and other patented ingredients, these products provide much longer hydration, moisturizing, and whitening effects on the skin. It's important to note that 'whitening' doesn't mean making your skin whiter but helping with pigmentation, uneven skin tones, and spots on your face for a 'brighter' look.

Each one focuses on a certain function (sensitivity, brightening, moisturizing, nourishing, vitality, and elasticity). While all are great for moisturizing and general skin health, each oil combination has a different focus on what it does best. The oil blends are cold-pressed and from all natural (100%) high-quality oils. No chemicals and toxic ingredients were added to these ampoules. They are vegan and cruelty-free.

DIRECTIONS: After cleansing, skin and applying toner (optional), squeeze a few drops of the Fluid and oils and mix into the palm of your hand. Apply evenly all over the face. You can use any combination of oils and amount. If you have really oily skin, I would suggest 1-2 drops, but if you have dry skin or living in dry conditions, our customers use up to 4 or 5 drops. Feel free to use any combination based on what functions you would like to focus. We encourage our potential customers to buy the fluid together with oils but oils can be used independently as well.

Minnavi's concept is customized skincare. We want to empower people to customize their skincare needs with our effective safe products. Everyone's skin needs differ based on the skin type, lifestyle, weather, etc. This is the solution!

Instagram - #minnavi #미나비 (Minnavi spelled out in Korean)
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