Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How To Choose The Best Logo For Your Brand

A business design such as the brand logo plays a major role in advertising your business, whether big or a startup company. 

A company's logo signifies the uniqueness and wholeness of its' brand. It can be a standalone promotion, that gives the audience that clear picture of what you are promoting and selling, along goes the brand's tagline, etc. A company needs to identify competitors, target market, and clients and how do you stand out with others.

How to choose the best logo for your brand? What are the items to consider in picking the best logo?

Choosing the best color

Color is the initial aspect of the brand. This is how the marketing people need to come up with to get the attention of their prospective clients.The consumer will perceive the color and correlates it to the brand. In choosing the color of the logo, the brand needs to their product that will place it on the market. In an individual sense of being, the color signifies the personality and mood. 
Sometimes, it goes the other way around. A brand will pick a certain color based on the meaning of it. For example, Red represents power, energy, and desire; Yellow as they give meaning to it as hope, happiness, and joy; Green for the environment, season and luck and can go on with the list of colors and their meanings. 

Right font for you

Identifying the right font can be tricky, one can go as playful with the font, casual and even to a more elegantly font type for a brand logo. This item needs to go along with the color that was mentioned above. Personally, I prefer simple and readable font type because it is easily readable and my audience doesn't need to decipher what is written. 

I am running a website for my blog and my logo design is made out of a collage of food pictures I have over the years. 

Bits-en-pieces is my blog name and it represents with tidbits of what I have in my life. But, having that for a few years now I am thinking of making a new one, giving it a new face and a new look. I might consider removing the images in the collage and stick with a simple and sophisticated text of my blog name. 

I am thinking of getting a professional service from a graphic designer or even get some useful tips online and create my own DIY logo design. There are a lot of graphic designers who offer such services like logo designs, brand designs, colors and such. I used a resource called How to Make a Logo and found it to help a lot with the decision-making process. A good example of an online logo design making is Logojoy.

One thing is for sure, your brand or company's logo speaks solely to the public, so make it simple, concise and fun to look at and unique.

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